FOODCLASH: Chicken Royale V McChicken Sandwich


In profile: McDonald’s McChicken Sandwich

What is it? A toasted bun, breaded chicken breast , lettuce and mayonnaise. The sandwich was launched in 1980 but it proved to be a sales failure and was replaced with the more successful Chicken McNuggets. The McChicken Sandwich was then reintroduced in 1988. The burger used to be 50% white meat and 50% dark meat, but in 2007 McDonald’s started advertising that it has only 100% white meat. A McChicken Sandwich contains 385 calories and 16g fat.

In profile: Burger King’s Chicken Royale 

What is it? A breaded, white-meat chicken burger with mayo and lettuce in a sesame sub-style bun. It was introduced in 1978 as part of Burger King’s Specialty Sandwich line. The product was one of the first by the company to attempt to capture the adult-oriented market, who would be willing spend more on a higher quality product. The aim of this line was to expand Burger King’s menu to reach the broadest demographic to compete with McDonald’s and Wendy’s. The plan was a success and the company’s sales increased by 15%. A Chicken Royale contains 608 calories and 32g fat.

The Verdict:

After tasting both burgers numerous times, I can now officially announce The Chicken Royale as the We Eat Things Foodclash winner! Although it contains double the amount of fat, it tastes better and unlike the McChicken Sandwich doesn’t have too much mayonnaise.

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