Review: Sainsbury’s Bake In the Bag King Prawns With A Red Thai Sauce


Bake in the bag meals are hit and miss. Sometimes they’re great and sometimes they’re soggy mush. It really depends on the brand and your personal taste.

Sainsbury’s do their own range of bake in the bag fish – offering cod, haddock and prawns (that I know of). These prawns cost £3.25 for 280g (two bags/portions).

The calories in the King Prawns & Red Thai Sauce are 197 for one 140g portion. That’s not bad, especially considering the amount of delicious sauce and that you get about ten large prawns each.

I cooked the prawns in the oven for around 15/20 minutes, but you can also cook them in a microwave for less time.

They were great with some plain, seasoned white rice (I added peas) and there was enough sauce to make the whole dish spicy and delicious!

A great, easy (and fairly cheap) low-calorie meal!

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