What Foods Are Good For Our Teeth?


Today I have a dental appointment, and it got me thinking – what foods are good for our teeth?

After a little research, I discovered the following foods and beverages are great for keeping teeth healthy:

  • Raw foods such as apples, carrots and radishes. Raw foods like these are great to eat after every meal as they have high water content – thus help to clean your teeth and gums.
  • Nuts are great for your teeth as they contain phosphate, magnesium and calcium – all of which are perfect for maintaining dental health. Walnut and cashews are particularly good.
  • Other calcium rich foods such as milk and cheese also help to keep your teeth strong and healthy.
  • Green tea is great for your teeth as it can prevent plaque from building-up – reducing the risk of bad breath and cavities.
  •  Drinking plenty of water helps to reduce harmful acid in the mouth and can wash away bits of food.

Cross section of celery stalk, showing vascula...

  • Broccoli, carrots and sweet potato contain Vitamin A, which strengthens tooth enamel.
  • Onions are great, as they have anti-bacterial properties which can kill bacteria in your mouth (raw onions work best).
  • Celery is amazing for your teeth – especially when eaten raw – as it massages your gums and helps to create more saliva which then neutralises bad bacteria in the mouth.

Tune in for part two, tomorrow when you can read about what foods are bad for our teeth.

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