Is Coffee Bad For You?


I drink about two cups of strong coffee every day, and LOVE it. Sometimes I wonder if it’s doing me more harm than good, so I decided to do a little research. Here are some good things  I found about coffee:

  • The British Coffee Association have said that drinking three cups of coffee each day can decrease the risk of liver disease by up to 40%
  • Drinking three cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by up to 60%
  • The Faculty of Medicine in Lisbon, Portugal found that healthy elderly people, with no signs of the brain disease, had consumed about three cups of coffee a day since their mid-twenties. Those with the illness had drank on average just one coffee a day!
  • There have been other studies that show how coffee drinking can radically lessen the probability of developing type II diabetes (up to 50%).

Here are a couple of negative things I discovered about coffee-drinking:

  • It has been linked with heart disease risk factors such as increase in blood pressure and high cholesterol, but there is no evidence that it does long-term harm. It definitely increases blood pressure so if you have high blood pressure you might want to consider cutting down.
  • There have been studies that link coffee-drinking to reduced bone density. If you’re a postmenopausal woman, you could cut down your coffee intake and take a Vitamin D supplement.
  • Pregnant women should decrease their caffeine intake – health authorities suggest sticking to under 300mg per day.

Overall, I’d say, if you’re healthy, non-pregnant and not post-menopausal then drinking a sensible amount of coffee every day will actually be more beneficial than harmful.

Any feedback, please leave a comment.

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    • Ooo, interesting. When I drink coffee, it still feels like a ‘bad’ thing for some reason, even though most of the evidence shows how it’s mostly a positive thing. Don’t know why it has such a bad rep!

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