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Homemade Pork & Roasted Vegetable Pockets


Yesterday I created these pita breads stuffed with pork, roasted aubergines, mushrooms, peppers and courgette. I roasted each type of vegetable seperately in the oven for a couple of hours (if you roast them together they tend to become mushy). I then cut up the pork loin into chunks, pan fried in olive oil and added fajita seasoning. After lightly toasting the pitas, I stuffed them with the veg, pork and some salad leaves. So easy to make and really, really delicious!

Review: The Rectory, St. Paul’s Square, Birmingham


Yesterday I ate this lovely food at The Rectory in St. Paul’s Square. The atmosphere was lovely and the restaurant was flooded with natural light from the summer day outside. I chose the Homemade Battered Fresh Calamari to start. It was delicious but needed a tad more seasoning to be perfect. It came with a light dusting of paprika, a wedge of fresh lemon and lemon mayonnaise.

Someone else had the Baked brie boxes, which looked delicious:

For the main course, I chose Roasted Belly of Pork which was really amazing and came with some scrumptious black-pudding mash and savoy cabbage. Dessert was White Chocolate and Raspberry Brûlée Cheesecake – also really lovely.

Overall it was a fantastic meal and I would definitely go there again.

Summer Vegetable Quiche


I tried this Summer Vegetable Quiche from Sainsbury’s last night – it was delicious! It had green beans, petits pois, spring onions and broccoli encased in a scrumptious pastry base. It was only £2.25 and 203 calories for 1/4 of the quiche. Great with salad, chips or steamed vegetables.

Roast Chicken and Avocado Open Sandwich


Today my other half created this amazing open sandwich which consisted of roast chicken, avocado, british Pomodorino tomatoes, and an organic white bloomer from Sainsbury’s – all topped off with a drizzle of Nando’s Medium Peri-Peri Sauce. It was amazing!

We Eat Things Blog of The Month: May 2012


Last month, the winner of this feature was Tales From Kitchen And Cellar – a blog that I still love to read and one that offers lovely photos and fabulous written content.

Today I have just discovered a really lovely blog that I felt compelled to congratulate as the We Eat Things Blog of The Month. It’s Rachel Jane’s Two Loves blog, which combines the author’s obvious love and passion for both food and (stunning) photography.

I really like this photograph of snow peas and the description Rachel gives of the negative space drawing attention to the succulent appearance. Beautiful!

Tune in at the end of next month to find out who has been awarded Blog of The Month in June.

Lovely Green Peppercorns


I recently received this lovely tin of Poivre Verts (green peppercorns) in brine which I hope to use in a sauce – possibly to serve with steak. I love the design on the tin and the peppercorns themselves taste amazing! Here’s a great recipe for steak with green peppercorn sauce.

Growing Your Own Summer Herbs


This year I’ve decided to grow my own herbs – despite not having a garden! It’s really rewarding and is a cheap fun way to get fresh basil, thyme and parsley whenever you want. After planting the seeds, they’ve only taken about 5 weeks to get to this stage, and I hope to start tasting soon. I purchased this ‘Summer Herb Kit’ from Sainsbury’s but can’t find any information online about it, and have also misplaced the labelling so can’t really give you a lot of detail.

I hope they taste as good as they look!