What Foods Are Good For Our Skin?

Shelled pine nuts.

Shelled pine nuts.

We all know that what we eat can affect our energy levels, our health and also how we look. In this post, I will look at the ways that food can affect your skin.

Here are some foods we can eat that have been proven to improve our skin:

  • Foods that contain lots of Vitamin C such as kiwis and sweet potatoes help to produce collagen that strengthens the capillaries that ‘feed’ the skin.
  • Garlic and onions both contain sulphur, which can help keep our skin smooth.
  • Vitamin E is wonderful for your skin and can be found in hazelnuts, pine nuts and avocados.
  • Sardines and oysters contain zinc which can help repair skin damage.
  • WATER is really good for your skin – try drinking around 8 glasses a day, if you can.
  • Dried apricots contain iron which can really improve your skin tone!

Things you should avoid if you’re aiming for perfect-looking skin are:

  • Sugary foods – they can make your skin look dull and blemished.
  • Fried foods can cause spots as they lead to excess oil which can block your pores.
  • Whole wheat bread is much better than white bread, which contains very little fibre. Foods that contain a lot of white flour and sugar (like white pasta) have been linked to skin-inflammation.
  • Avoid salty foods, which can cause bloating. This means that if you eat a diet high in salt, you will increase the chance of having ‘tired’-looking skin.

Do you have any tips for achieving flawless skin through diet?


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