John West Mediterranean Style Tuna


For me, today marks the start of ‘Operation Very Healthy For A While’. I went for a run this morning, I’m not going to drink alcohol until the weekend and I’m not putting any ‘bad’ food into my body until I have shed a few unwanted pounds!

I normally like to have a lunch that gives me energy for the afternoon but doesn’t leave me feeling bloated (which is why I avoid bread). Today I had a miso soup which was delicious but certainly not enough calorie-wise to carry me through until dinner. This was then followed by some blueberries and finally, something I’d never tried before: John West Tuna Salad From A Mediterranean Recipe.

It only cost £1.15 and contained 208 calories. It tasted lovely and quite tomatoey – full of green beans and plenty of tuna. It’s not something I’d eat every day, but as a cheap, low-calorie lunch, it did the trick.


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