Is Being A Vegetarian Healthy?


I’ve always wondered whether being a vegetarian is much healthier than being a meat-eater. After a little research I found these pros and cons of having a vegetarian diet.

The positive aspects of being a vegetarian are:

  • Vegetarianism has been linked to reduced risks of obesity. Of course, being a vegetarian doesn’t mean that you just eat fruit and veg, but you’re more likely to eat less saturated fat than meat-eaters.
  • Fruits and vegetables aren’t injected with the same growth hormones that are sometimes added to meat. I’m not sure what’s bad about injecting growth hormones into meat, but it doesn’t sound too pretty.
  • Increased energy levels: the body takes up more energy when it has to digest animal proteins.
  • On average, vegetarians spend around 25% less than meat-eaters on their shopping bills!
  • Meat eaters who eat a lot of fatty meats are much more at risk of cancers and heart disease than vegetarians.
On the other hand:
  • Vegetarian diets can contain less protein .
  • Vegetarians are more at risk of  being anaemic than meat-eaters, due to their lack of iron intake.

It seems that being a vegetarian CAN be a lot more healthy than being a meat-eater. However, some vegetarians eat loads of cake and cheese and never exercize, whereas some meat-eaters grill or poach lean meat and go to the gym every day.

The We Eat Things verdict is that if you love eating meat (like me), then try to have a balanced diet, do plenty of exercize and aim to stick to the British Nutrition Foundation‘s guidelines of no more than 90g red meat per day.

Here’s a great article from Delicious Magazine, with more information about vegetarianism – including some great recipe ideas.


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