Natural Yoghurt: Healthy Snack or Fattening Evil?


I often eat a small serving of natural yoghurt as a healthy snack – an alternative to more delicious treats such as cheese on toast, pizza or things containing bacon (let’s face it, although scrumptious, the more tasty options in life aren’t always the best for us!)Turkish cacık, made with yoghurt and cucumber

After a little research, I discovered that actually, it is more of a healthy option than a fattening one (yay)!

  • Yoghurt generally contains a lot of potassium, calcium, protein and B vitamins – all of which are great for your overall health.
  • It has the capability of stabilising your immune system.
  • It can destroy bad bacteria in our intestines.
  • It has been discovered that women who eat yoghurt four times a week have less vaginal and bladder infections than those who eat no yogurt at all.
  • Natural yoghurt doesn’t contain the processed sugars that are found in other yogurts.
  • Natural yogurt can lower cholesterol.
  • state that; “Yogurt might enhance fat loss when combined with a reduced-calorie diet, according to a study performed by scientists from theUniversityofTennessee. Obese subjects followed a reduced-calorie diet with or without yogurt for 12 weeks. Researchers found that the yogurt group lost more body fat, especially around the trunk region, compared to the control group.”
  • One 150g pot of natural yogurt contains up to 1/3 of your recommended daily calcium intake!

The only problem with natural yogurt is that it can be fattening if you don’t eat the low-fat kind. So, the best natural yoghurts to eat are definitely low fat (some only contain 2% fat).

Not only is it a great snack on its own, but natural yogurt also goes really well on cereal, with fruit or in more tempting recipes such as this Swordfish dish over at An Eye For Food.


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  1. This was a really interesting read – thank you! I’ve recently replaced my usual naughty dessert after my evening meal (I am a bit of a chocolate fiend) with some natural yoghurt with a few berries thrown in. I wasn’t sure if this was healthy, I mean, I knew it was better than chocolate although I had concerns about sugar content etc.

  2. Natural saturated fats are good for you! In fact if you eat the low fat version then you’ll not be absorbing the calcium in the dairy. Do some research, the Weston A Price Foundation is a good place to start…

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