What’s the Healthiest Fast Food?


English: French fries from Burger King.

Everyone I know loves fast food now and then. Whether it’s a McMuffin once a week or the occasional druken KFC bucket – sometimes it’s just to easy and tempting to give in and pig out on calorific crap.

For those of us who are sometimes too weak to resist, here are the least calorific options in McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC. I haven’t included salads, fruit or desserts because, let’s face it, if I tell you an apple is healthier than a burger then I may as well not write this post at all!

Beef: A hamburger, which is 250 calories.
Chicken: 6 chicken nuggets is the healthiest chicken option at only 250 calories.
Breakfast: Oats at 195 calories, a toasted bagel at 210 calories or a low fat blueberry muffin at 300 calories.

Burger King

Beef: The hamburger at 284 calories.
Chicken: Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap at 296 calories.
Breakfast: Their Bacon Butty with Heinz ketchup is Burger King’s healthiest breakfast at 213 calories.


KFC Snacker, Honey BBQ is 210 calories and their grilled drumstick value box is only 380 calories.


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