Are Insects Replacing Meat?


Common Macrotona (Macrotona australis) laying eggs

Scientists have now revealed what we might all be eating in twenty years’ time. In the UK the price of meat has risen and is continuing to rise – this means that it could become a luxury that we may have to replace with more thrifty protein options.

Shockingly, food futurologists have said that insects will become a key part of our diet. Apparently insects can provide as much nutrition as ‘ordinary’ meat – they’re also cheaper to raise than cattle, consume a lot less water and barely have any carbon footprint.

The amount of protein in a catterpillar per 100g is 28.2g in comparison to minced beef which has 27.4g per 100g.

But don’t worry about having to chew your way through a grasshopper next time you need your meat fix – insects will be ground down and used in things like burgers and sausages, to closely resemble real meat.

This BBC article notes that, “The Dutch government is putting serious money into getting insects into mainstream diets. It recently invested one million Euros (£783,000) into research and to prepare legislation governing insect farms.”

It seems a shocking thought that in a couple of decades, insects could replace meat. How do you feel about swapping your Big Mac for a Big Ant?!


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