The 5:2 Diet: Harriet’s Journey (Introduction)


After a pretty full-on 8 months of gluttony and partying my boyfriend and I decided, after watching Horizon’s documentary on fasting, to give the 5:2 Diet a shot. The decision came from a general feeling of slugness and the idea that, instead of being on a slippery slope to old age with an unsatisfactory bulge, we could actually take control of our lives by testing our restraint, something that perhaps has not been as prominent as it should be.

Our desire is not only to keep an eye on the spare tyre, but also to give us some energy and focus. Because, based on our previous success with healthy living, we knew that by instilling a bit of restraint in our diet, we could in fact focus on other aspects – like sport, DIY, Yoga, meditation, Reiki – things that we noticeably feel happier and gain energy from.

Before falling head-first into fadsville, I consulted with my sister who is training to be an Ayevdeic Doctor. She had watched the programme and wholly agreed with the approach as, in Ayuveda, regular short term fasting is actively encouraged to awaken your digestive system. The thought being that, by continually consuming without paying attention we lose connection to what our bodies need. I also looked up who else was using these techniques and came across this guy who combines fasting with exercise to keep in shape.

Now this was something I was looking forward to pushing myself on, as I was always in the school of thought that exercising on an empty stomach was a passing out waiting to happen. So, with this in mind, we decided to embark on the 5:2 adventure and see how long we would stick at it.

Harriet – Guest Blogger


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  1. Hi Harriet

    I caught the Horizon programme just before it fell off iPlayer. I was bowled over by the sincerity of Michael Mosley. He seemed genuinely converted to the 5:2 diet.

    I have started my 5:2 by fasting today and I will be interested to see how you progress.

    I have reached late middle age with more than one spare tyre and so will give this diet a 70 day test.

    Good luck

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