The 5:2 Diet: Juliet’s Journey


Just getting to grips with the 5:2 diet! I have been on the diet now for eight days, today being my third fast day.

I started the diet after watching Michael Moseley’s inspirational documentary “Eat, Fast and Live Longer.”  Having lost both parents-in-law in recent years to cancer and having a family history of diabetes my husband and I felt it was time to take action. We are both on the “chubby” or shall we say “a bit overweight” side but we are both quite active – yoga, gardening and dog walking mainly. However in our late forties we have noticed it is harder to shift the pounds and niggly health problems have started to creep in.
The first fast day was undoubtedly tough. I was starving, felt hunger-sick, lethargic and was generally miserable with a headache that came and went. Hubby fared slightly better and we obsessively weighed everything and used an “app” for our Android smartphones to calorie count throughout the day.
On feed days we seemed less hungry and definitely were not eating as much per day as we would have normally.  I seem better able to cope with “the munchies” on feed days and don’t snack as much. I have already lost 4lbs, but the actual weight loss fluctuates quite a lot from day to day. Yes I know you shouldn’t weigh yourself every day but I can’t resist at mo’. Hubby has lost 2lbs but claims that he has had to tighten his belt as his trousers keep falling down!
We didn’t fast on consecutive days just 2 out of 7, this made sense to us so we could plan a day to fast when we wouldn’t have too much on. Typical intake on fast days has been 500 calories for me and 600 for Hubby. We both start with a small bowl of cereal for breakfast. For lunch Hubby has a sandwich (2 slices bread, ham or cheese). I have loads of salad and 1 slice of cheese (edam). On my third fast day I had a slimmers soup which seemed to fill me up quite well until the evening. Dinner is normally loads of salad and 1 small piece of grilled fish or 1/2 small quiche. No snacks – boo hoo! Black decaff’ tea all day, amazingly the hot tea makes us feel better when we are really feeling hungry.
All in all the 5:2 diet experience so far has been both good fun and yet at times quite gruelling. I am convinced though that the health benefits will outweigh any negatives. I can see today that the third fast day has been much easier than the previous two. I am therefore determined to persevere and it has been made easier by having Hubby to compare notes with. Here’s to many more weeks of torture (only joking).
Juliet – Guest Blogger

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  2. I’m nearing the end of day one. I skipped breakfast and have had 2 of those tiny little M and S snack meals, around 250 calories each. With lots of water and herbal tea it hasn’t been at all difficult. Won’t be having a late night though!

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  4. Good luck Clare, I’m sitting in a cafe using the wi fi. I can have anything to eat here as today is a fast day for me, I’m not sure how many I’ve done now, but its a real struggle today. I really looking forwards to a piece of smoked fish and some salad when I get home…..

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  8. Hey guys, im struggling, this is my 6th fast day (week 3) i decided to weigh myself tonight when i came in from work and ive gained 3 pounds, cant believe it, i really struggled today with the hunger pangs taken over everything so when i weighed myself (first time in 3 weeks) i felt awful and undid all my hard fasting work and ate everything i could find 😦 i have an eye infection which i think is related to the fasting low cal diet, but not entirely sure? I cant actually get anymore misreable, totally feeling sorry for myself ha anyone have any advice?

    Caroline x

    • Hi Caroline, sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Hubby has lost far more weigh than me and it is hard to stay motivated when you can’t see the health benefit or the weight loss. Had a good chat with a friend who is training in nutrition today and one thing (amongst many) we discussed was not necessarily sticking to the three meals per day model and having smaller snacks (healthy and low calorie of course). This might help to maintain a steadier blood sugar level and help with headaches and low mood. Am trying this on fast day today. Good luck.


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  10. My tip for the fast day is to eat sugar free jelly. A portion contains just 10 calories. I’m on week 3 of 5/7 diet but having 600 cals on fast days and trying to do 2 exercise classes a week on non fast days – it isn’t easy on the fast days and I’ve lost about 2 kilos so far. I’m determined to keep going for 6 weeks.

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