The 5:2 Diet: Pete’s Journey (Introduction)


Forty approaches all too quickly. Not forty stone, thankfully, but the “life begins at” type of forty. Like most people my age, as the years creep by, the pounds sneak in with them. Where I was a slim, athletic twenty-something (okay, I wasn’t exactly a pin-up, but you get the idea), I’m now officially chubby.

My BMI is straying above the dreaded 25 and every effort I make to bring it down only seems to push it up more. I tried running again. That added 0.5 a BMI point. So I tried cutting out snacks, sweets and biscuits. That added 0.5 a BMI point too. Actually probably more as I pigged out when my resistance crumbled after a few short days. Or was it hours?

I still wear 32” trousers, but I’m only kidding myself. My waist is 34” and pushing upwards rapidly. Well, perhaps 36”. I try to live in denial, but the buttons keep popping off my trousers, or worse yet, I can’t actually get my legs to fit into my jeans, let alone my waist. Something has to change. As I keep telling myself from one week to another. Diet starts tomorrow!

Actually forty stone is only so many delicious cakes away. And then there’s the diseases of old age to fear, no longer something that happens to other people, but potentially something that could happen to me. My blood pressure is already lurching sky-wards.

And then I saw the BBC Horizon programme featuring the 5:2 diet. Here I could truly have my cake and eat it. Surely two days of 600 calories can’t be so hard? Can it? The main attraction, of course, being 5 days of not worrying and dealing with torturous self denial. Plus, not only could it help me control my weight, but it seems to be a powerful weapon in the fight against Alzheimer’s, amongst other things. Well, here goes… Diet starts today. Or maybe not a diet, but a whole new way of eating.

Pete – Guest Blogger


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