Update: Guest Bloggers on The 5:2 Diet Now Chosen!


Earlier this week I wrote this post requesting articles from readers who’re taking part in the 5:2 diet.

I have received loads of really well-written and interesting articles from a selection of We Eat Things readers who would like to be guest bloggers documenting their journey.

Due to the high-volume of articles I’ve received, it was not possible to use everyone’s work, but I have chosen four great writers (so far) who will be sharing their stories with you over the next couple of months: Harriet, Juliet, Mickey and Pete.

You can follow their progress by clicking on their journeys on the right hand side of the page in the ‘categories’ section (for example, ‘The 5:2 Diet – Harriet’s Journey’).

I’m still accepting entries until 23:59 (GMT) today (Friday 17th August) so please submit your best work to me by then if you’d like to be a guest blogger!

Thanks to everyone who has given up their time for this project so far. I expect it’ll be very interesting to see how everyone gets on over the coming weeks.

Happy reading!


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