The 5:2 Diet: Mickey’s Journey (Week Two, Part I)


I am just about at the halfway point of week 2 with my fast days to come on Monday and Tuesday.  The last three days were feed (or feast) days and although I did allow myself treats – ice cream, a snickers bar and a Magnum – I did not exceed 1500 calories or exceed the number of weight watchers points.  I felt that I was able to eat well, but did not have the urge to “pig out”.  “Pigging out” after the fast day is one of the points that some health advisors have raised as a potential drawback and possible deal breaker, but although I was hungry I could not eat more than I normally eat and kept to my normal healthy diet with a few treats thrown in.  I think that if anyone approaches this with the idea that they can fast for two days and then eat what the hell they like, this may be an issue, but if you use a common sense approach that a little of what you fancy is not a bad thing, or all things in moderation.

One of my biggest pet hates is what goes into processed food.  We all have to eat it at some time, so it is impossible to completely avoid, but I really do believe that modern factory manufacturing processes for pre-prepared food is contributing to the increase of obesity and many illnesses.  Therefore my approach on the feed days would be to make sure that the bulk of my calories come from whole foods or meals that I have made from whole ingredients and keep the heavily processed food to a minimum.  The other benefit of this is that you control what goes into the meal and therefore have the control of the calorific or nutritional value of that food.  I still think that the government should be working much harder towards cleaning up the food industry and removing such bad boys as corn syrup and trans fats from our diets, but until they do so it is up to us to try and avoid or minimise them ourselves.

I have been on the hunt for recipes for things are tasty and filling and are 100 calories or under per portion and found this website.

It has lots of meals that are 100 calories or less and I tried the Vegetable Medley 1 from the list.  I adapted it a bit, because it was for a feed day and my husband was also going to eat it and he does like his meat, so I put roasted chicken in (270grams).  I made a separate two portion meal without the meat so I could freeze it for later.  It was gorgeous.  My husband loved it, so much so that he had the other portion the night after.  Adding the chicken adds about 73 calories to a portion.  The veggie version is 88 calories so adding the chicken took it up to 161 calories which is fine for normal days.  I served it with cous-cous, but it could equally well go with rice or potatoes. With the 4 portions of vegetable curry that I have already frozen, I now have meals prepared in my freezer for the next 6 fast days, which really takes the pressure off.  I can already work out what my evening meals are going to cost me on those days and work out what I can do with the rest of the calories.

On Tuesday when I go to the gym for Bodyattack I think I am going to bring my meal to work and eat it at lunch time so that I have the energy to exercise.  Then I will have to eat very lightly in the evening (difficult) but it will be the second fast day so I should be able to strengthen my resolve by knowing I can eat well the next day.  I am going to go through this recipe source and try out a number of the meals and see what they are like and also whether I can reduce the calories!

One last thing, I am an obsessive weigher – something they advise you only to do on fast days on the 5:2 diet, but I am afraid for me it is a weigh-in every morning and especially after a poo (sorry to lower the tone), but you would be amazed at how much a good poo can change your weight.  Any how I have noticed that this week instead of yo-yoing up and down my weight has steadily dropped.  It dropped by 2lb on Wednesday after my Tuesday weigh in at Weight Watchers, but it has continued by between ½ and ¼ lb so things are looking good.  I will let you know next time.

Mickey – Guest Blogger


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  1. Well done Mickey, sounds like you are doing really well. Thank you for the link to – we really appreciate it. You (and your blog readers) may like to read our experiences of the ADF diet after 2 weeks on it.

    Like you I also hate processed meals. Being a coeliac means that most processed meals are no go areas for me any way.

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