The 5:2 Diet: Pete’s Journey (Week One Results)


6 Aug 2012, day 1:  Okay, I cheated a little today.  Not a good start, but at least I don’t have to worry about falling later on!  I had a small breakfast, with no lunch, no snack and then a light meal to finish to day off.  Probably more like 800 caloriesrather than 600.  Today seemed remarkably easy, no real hunger pangs, which surprised me, and I feel pretty good in myself.  I’ve weighed myself in and I’ve hit 13 stone 5 pounds, a new and depressing record.  Quite some way off the 10 and a half stone I’d like to be.  Well there’s a motivator for me!  I’ve decided to keep this diet a secret from my family for now.  Perhaps that shows a lack of confidence in me or the diet?  There‘s been too many embarrassments in the past when I’ve grandly announced a new diet.

7 Aug 2012 day 2: I woke up feeling great.  Not good, but great.  I don’t doubt it really helped to go to bed on an empty stomach, something I rarely do.  You see, I have quite severe reflux up my oesophagus and night times tend to be the worst as I lie flat in bed.  My aim has always been not to eat for 3-4 hours before bedtime, but I rarely manage it normally.  Anyway, no doubt not have my insides burnt with acid has helped me sleep, hence why I feel so much better.

However, today I’ve really noticed the hunger pangs kicking in.  I’ve decided to have all my 600 calories in one go in the evening meal.  Mostly to make my diet compatible with family life, but also because I feel that going the full 24 hours without anything but fluids gives my body the best chance of going into fell-on repair mode and burning some of that nasty fat I keep lugging around with me.

I managed to resist temptation and had another small portion meal of what everyone else had.  I’ve got a few strange looks and questions asking me if everything is okay.  Clearly I normally eat a lot more.  I can’t help but feel smug as I stop eating before I’ve cleared my plate of every last molecule of grub.

8-12 Aug 2012: Feeling good to be able to eat normally again now.  Two consecutive days of fasting is about as far as I go!  Weighed myself at the end of the week, I’ve lost 5 pounds already.  I can’t take that at face value.  Surely it’s an error?  But no, Wii Fit and the household scales confirm it.  Wow.

By the last day of eating normally, I’m beginning to feel like a pig.  I’m eating cakes, chocolate and crisps as before, and I’m not enjoying it as much as normal.  In fact, by the 5th day, I feel desperate to fast again.  That’s not something I expected at the start!

Without prompting, my partner suggests that my tummy is looking flatter.  This is incredible.

For the first time ever, I have developed Conjunctivitis in my eyes.  I probably caught it whilst swimming at the gym, but infection is a known risk on low calories diets.  I hope this is a co-incidence

Pete – Guest Blogger


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