The 5:2 Diet: Pete’s Journey (Week 2 Results)


Week 2 results:

13 Aug 2012:  Today I felt elated.  I had a real buzz from going back onto the fasting.  No breakfast, no lunch and then I’m at the gym for a serious workout with one of the trainers to get a personal programme set up.  I was seriously scared I wouldn’t have enough energy and that a might faint.  In fact, my biggest problem was that after a few minutes of cardio, I started to smell.  Not just a sweaty kind of smell, but a smell that would get some households banishing the poor dog out into the garden kind of smell.  Oh dear.  The poor guy didn’t say anything, but he must have noticed.

Hunger pangs came and went and I fought them with ease.  Weighed myself again, and another 2 pounds has dropped off.  I’m suspecting a local distortion in gravitational force.  I can’t really be losing weight this quickly?

14 Aug 2012:  This has been a much harder day.  The hunger pangs bit hard today.  I’ve alternated between green tea and tea, Early Grey – hot, in an effort to placate the demon that’s clawing away on the inside of my stomach.  Frequently I find myself unexpectedly in the kitchen, either standing at the food cupboard, or marvelling at the coy apples peeping at me from the fruit bowl.

I fought it all day, and by the time of the evening meal, I was truly desperate for food.  It was at meal time that I had a revelation.  We had salmon with lots of chopped veg and salad.  Normally, this meal is somewhere around dog food on my scale of personal preferences, chips or curry at the other end of the scale, but today it was magnificent.  Every carrot had a satisfying crunch.  Every tomato tasted as sweet as ethereal ambrosia.  The salmon was sensational.  Even the red pepper sparkled on my taste buds.  And the grapes, they were just indescribable.  The salad leaves were stuffed in like they were the first chocolates of Christmas day.  600 calories has never tasted so good and yet been so healthy.  I was in heaven.  Better yet, towards the end of the meal I actually felt full.  Not bloated, but actually pleasantly full.  This is new to me.  I’m almost dreading going back to eating normally now.  Oh, and I’ve lost another pound in weight.  That’s more than half a stone now.

15 – 19 Aug 2012: Interesting.  I was on a feed day today and feeling hungry as tea time approached.  My normal response here is to go get a snack.  Instead, even though I have no compunction to stay hungry, hungry I stayed.  It’s as if I am becoming used to hunger and accepting it as a normal bodily state rather than something to be feared and fought against.

On my second feed day, I had what the Germans delightfully call “Durchfall”, which means falling through.  As literal description as you’ll ever need.  I’ll let you figure that one out.  Could this be another coincidence?

Pete – Guest Blogger


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