The 5:2 Diet: Juliet’s Journey (Fasting on Holiday!)


English: fresh fruit salad

So here we are on holiday trying to work out when to attempt a fast day, or indeed whether even to attempt one at all.

Rewind a couple of days: Hubby and I knew it would be a big ask to try and fast whilst on holiday. After all don’t most people enjoy a bit of indulgence when on vacation. We are in this country though, Norfolk to be precise, and we are determined.

As I mentioned before we don’t fast on consecutive days so we decided to cram a couple of days in before the holiday so we could get away with only one fast day while we were away.

We coped quite well with the first of these two days of fasting but I do find it takes until after lunch the following day before I feel back to my normal self. Although I feel really hungry post-fast I don’t seem able to eat huge portions and feel full quite quickly. I also had a bad headache which wouldn’t shift. I have always suffered from headaches if I miss a meal – presumably related to low blood sugar.

Unusually because of the holiday we decided to fast again with only one feed day in between. Although this seemed like a good thing to do both Hubby and I struggled. Both of us had really low energy and felt quite disheartened. I discovered a tuna pasta salad ready meal in a foil tin lurking in the back of the cupboard. Having checked the best before date (aren’t those things generally about 5 or 6 years) Hubby went for it consuming 253 calories in one glorious fell swoop. I can’t tell you how jealous I was, staring as I picked at my half a tiny quiche and salad.

Back to the holiday, we have made a decision. We have indeed indulged (my stomach is really growling and complaining about the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables) and I am quite looking forward to a fast day to reset my clock as it were. We both feel like we are still losing weight but have no scales so will probably get a shock when we get home. 

We have decided to fast on the day we take out a boat so will have no distractions from not eating.

Will let you know how we get on. Wish us luck!

Juliet – Guest Blogger


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  1. Good luck you….Im thinking of starting this after the Bank Holiday….and am spending the next few days planning my menus……will keep you informed of my progress….Happy Hols……

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  5. well done, i have just started on the 5:2 diet and find it really hard, trying to think of different meals for the “diet days”, enjoyed reading your progress… Sam (Samantha)

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