The 5:2 Diet: Mickey’s Journey (Week Two, Part II)



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Saturday 18th August
I went well over my daily Weight Watchers points today and have had to use the rest of my weekly points to cover the extras. I now only have a few exercise points left (plus my daily points of 28) for Sunday. I had to visit our London office today as electrical work was being done and I had to let them in and shut down the server.  It was an early start so I ended up buying a bacon roll at Victoria station and coming home at lunch time I just had to have chicken teriyaki from Wasabi!!!  I also bought a Kit Kat Duo (only ate one bar). That evening we had barbecue followed by the best ice cream in the world – Kelly’s Honeycomb Crunch – yum. Waddled to bed at 11:00pm feeling stuffed.

Sunday 19th August
Should have gone to the gym, but it was far too hot so we went looking for a new barbecue and a wetsuit.  Didn’t find a barbecue, but got a nice wetsuit, so can now start doing some wild swimming.  Managed to stay well under my calories for today with healthy fruit and yoghurt for breakfast and roast chicken for dinner.  Also, I think that the effort of trying on a wet suit in 32degree heat will have helped lose a few pounds. I did wonder whether I could do a 45 minute aerobics session in it!!  My own personal sauna!  I have a feeling I would pass out though.  Fasting day tomorrow should prove interesting as I am on leave, so no work distraction.  I just hope my husband does not suggest going out for lunch…will my will power hold up??

Monday 20th August
Fast day!  Coffee, yoghurt and half a banana to start (132 calories). I had great difficulty persuading my husband that I was fine.  He even tried to sneak strawberries and grapes onto the plate!!  I went sea swimming this afternoon to test my wetsuit and it was brilliant.  It kept me so warm.  Now I am starving so an OXO cube and cracker with cucumber and 10 g of feta, all for under 80 calories.  This should keep me going until dinner.  Why is it the beach always makes you so hungry?  Yum, dinner time, vegetable curry, 60g of brown basmati rice and a small spoon of yogurt (320 calories).  Total for the day is 530 calories.

Fast day 1 over.  One more to go, but at least I am at work tomorrow.  It is definitely far more difficult to fast at home, too many temptations and not enough distractions.  Next week is bank holiday so will have to move my fast day to Tuesday and Wednesday.  I may have to fast this Wednesday (22nd August) to fit it in.

Oh today is so difficult, especially as my husband is eating a large pack of minstrels in front of me!  The urge to give in is quite hard, I just want to rip the bag out of his hands and scoff them all…arghhh!!!

Tuesday 21st August
Today I am going to try and save all my calories for the evening.  Not sure I will be successful.  Have to admit that very early this morning – about 3:30 am I woke up with the munchies and did not have the self control to stop myself getting up and going in search of food.  I ate 3 jaffa cakes, which at 40 cals each is 120 calories.  Will have to take that off tonight’s food.  Not a good thing that I am starting the day in debt, but at least I did not get caught eating the jaffa cakes (each one went in whole, so it could have been embarrassing).

I found I did need something to kick start my day, so yoghurt and coffee, with only 20 ml of milk.  Then I had to have something at lunch time – Miso soup and 4 cherry tomatoes.  So I have 365 calories for tonight.  Still that is not too bad and as my veggie bake is only 88 calories I can either bulk that out with some rice or cous cous or perhaps have a pudding.  Mental note to self, must also remember to take off the 120 calories for early morning jaffa snaffling!

I weighed myself this morning and was very surprised to find that I had dropped from yesterday’s weight of 13 stone 11 lbs to 13 stone 8 lbs.  As tonight is weigh in at Weight Watchers, another weight loss this week would be a real bonus.

Lost 1/2 lb tonight.  Not brilliant, but this is now the third week in a row that I have lost and I am now at the 4 stone 2 1/2 lb mark instead of being stuck on  a lose/put back on cycle.

I definitely feel like I am not bloating out with water and although my weight did fluctuate during the week the trend was down.

Fasting this week was really tough.  I managed to get through to Tuesday evening on 500 calories, but later that night ended up eating a further 150 calories!!!  However I am not sure when the fasting starts and ends.  I last ate properly on Sunday at 6pm and the fasted till Tuesday at 6pm when I had my last fasting meal and in that 48 hour period I stuck to 1000 calories.  The extra food I had on Tuesday was at 9:30 pm so technically was outside the fasting period!  Any ideas anyone?

One further point is that I am fairly certain I am due for a period this week and if so losing 1/2 lb on a period week is a real plus, because normally I put on at least 4 lb on those weeks.  I can’t lay this success at the feet of 5:2, because I am taking Evening Primrose Oil and Menopace and Green Tea Extract.  It could mean that the tablets are doing the biz.


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  1. “The extra food I had on Tuesday was at 9:30 pm so technically was outside the fasting period! Any ideas anyone?”

    I would say that you should do what feels right for you. There’s no book to guide us, and the scientific studies I’ve looked up (referenced by Horizon) were sadly lacking in specifics.

    However, my personal take (fasting Mon+Tue) is that the fast starts on Sunday evening, basically when I go bed, and lasts until I wake for breakfast on Wednesday morning. Monday is a strict 600 cals from waking to sleep and the same for Tuesday. But that’s me. I think your way sounds OK too.

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  4. Never.Measure some powered skim milk [maybe the equiv to 1 liqiud cup] into small containers take some fruit w/ u.I pour some of the milk into my mouth, add water n swallow.If you’re highly refined, pour water into a cup and mix in the milk.The milk costs $10 for 20 quarts and keeps a long time.

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