The 5:2 Diet: Pete’s Journey (Week Three Results)

Mars (chocolate bar)

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20-21 Aug 2012:
My weight is bouncing around like an over-excited toddler on a trampoline. Over the weekend I put 4 pounds back on one day, and lost 5 again the next day, followed by another 1 on the second fast day. I’m at a loss to explain it, other than scales error?

Interestingly, on my fast this week I noticed a parallel between fasting and dealing with anxiety. I’ve suffered with anxiety problems quite a bit over the years and have learnt to ride anxious moments out, don’t give into them and feel the anxiety ebb away on its own accord. The hunger pangs feel exactly the same. One moment you feel overwhelmed and you think a Mars bar seems like a great idea, but then you stop, take a deep breath, make a cup of tea and the feelings plateau and then they quickly pass. By my second day of fasting it was beginning to feel easy. However, I did keep waking in the night, dreaming of food, my empty belly scolding me audibly.

I’ve told my wife what I’m doing now, and she’s quite supportive and curious about it, although for her, recovering from a diagnosis of coeliac disease means she won’t be joining me anytime soon.

22-24 Aug 2012:
Sad to say, I’ve been on a bit of a pig out the last couple of days. I really haven’t enjoyed it. I feel bloated most of the time, my indigestion is running wild and I also feel horribly lethargic. I really miss my fast days. Clearly I need some kind of regulation on my feed days, because I’m just not enjoying letting myself go. Wii Fit confirms I’m up two pounds since my fast day, although some of that is to be expected from simply filling my belly after a fast. Dismissing the negativity for a moment, I’ve still lost a net 7 pounds in 3 weeks. That’s not to be sniffed at!

There’s a big challenge facing me over the next week, as I go on a family visit where, bless them, in the spirit of hospitality, I will be plied with junk food and all manner of salty, fatty ready meals. I’m going to have to be up front and tell them I can hardly eat for two days, and I need proper healthy food in my 600 calories to get me by.

I expect vacant expressions all round, but hope to be surprised…

Pete – Guest Blogger

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  1. Someone else made a comment that the best time to weigh yourself is in the morning, which I have found to be very true. The difference between one’s weight in the morning and evening can be quite marked, and even between fast days and feast days. The way I see it, as long as the trend over several days is in the right direction, then I guess this is whole 5:2 diet thing is working.

    Also, picking up on another point, I am finding that I am being a lot more conscious about what, and how much, I eat on non-fast days. That’s not to say I am not eating well (or badly, depending on your point of view), but can definitely feel the difference.

    I am down about 6 lbs in about two weeks, which feels great, but still have this real nagging fear that it’ll all be back on, if I am not careful.

    Finally, has anyone considered doing a 4:3 diet, or does that just smack of desperation??

    Let me know. Cheers, Shiv

    • I recall reference to ADF on the Horizon programme, but can’t remember the details. Is it literally fasting every alternate day (as in 600 calories)? I’m enjoying the fast days, but not sure that much! Good luck, if you do have a go.
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  2. Yeah, one day of fasting at 5-600 cals then one day as normal. Michael Mosley decided that was too hard for him, and it does sound a little extreme, but like anything in life, some things work for some people and not for others. I have a tendency to go to the extreme! Maybe your 4:3 suggestion would be a good middle ground? Still, I’ll stick with 5:2 for a while yet and see how it goes.

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