The 5:2 Diet: Ashleigh’s Journey (End of Week One)

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I have reached the end of my first ever week on the 5/2 diet, however, in the beginning I made a decision that I would only weigh myself at the end of every week, and this morning it was the moment of truth. Thankfully, to my surprise, I weighed in at 12st 1lb, a whole 3 pounds lighter than this time last week. Therefore, if I continue at this pace I should be perfectly on target to reach my goal. Hurahh!

However, good news aside, I would say that in general this week has been a poor week for my health regime. I felt so positive after my first two fast days, but since then it seems that everything has gone downhill. On the Tuesday morning after my fast days I gorged down a double helping of poached eggs on toast (yes, I do eat a lot of egg – but I enjoy it), and afterwards, felt horrendous! I guess, in a way, this is a good sign, a sign that my stomach can no longer handle such large portions. But, despite this, I continued my week in the same manner, just eating whenever and whatever, as I used to before. 

And to make matters worse, I was away from home this week, resulting in a severe lack of exercise. My two regular exercise classes were forgotten about, as was my daily run. I was not feeling healthier, fitter, or slimmer. Therefore, this weight loss has certainly come as a surprise. 

But I have a theory! Basically, after the fast days I was used to eating very little, I had become accustomed to it. Therefore, although I may feel as though I have been eating badly during my ‘feed’ days, it could perhaps be the case that, I am actually eating less than I used to before the 5:2 diet, but as I am used to eating very little on the fast days, it just feels like I am eating more. Anyway, in order to gauge exactly how much I am eating, and whether or not I am eating more than usual on the ‘feed’ days, I am going to start a food diary. I will simply calculate and record the calories in everything I eat, and hopefully I will find that my calorie consumption is decreasing.

Even though I have only completed 1 week of the 5/2 diet, I feel as though it has changed the way I think about food. Before, I was a strict believer that eating 2000 calories a day was essential for a healthy body. However, I can now see that this belief probably led me to eat more than what is necessary. Now that I have experienced consuming less than 500 calories a day, I see food in a different way. I have learnt that, for me anyway, food had become a habit. Now that I have broken the habit, I feel that I can move forward and learn to consume food in a different way.

Anyway, I am enjoying this diet, and the buzz that completing the two fast days provides. However, it is still only the beginning, and I am sure I have a lot more to learn along the way.

Ashleigh – Guest Blogger


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  1. Hi Ashleigh

    I have found I am eating less on feed days, I rarely eat more than 2000 calories. This is even when drinking alcohol on a night out etc. I found a nice, free, easy to use app for my phone (my fitness planner) which I use to record what I eat and drink. I am really surprised how many calories there are in drinks (the non alcoholic ones that is).

    • Hi Steve
      I too have now found that i am eating less on feed days, in fact i have written at length about this in my next article. Yeah, the amount of calories in alcoholic drinks is the only thing i am unsure about, especially since i tend to forget exactly how many i had :/

      Good luck on the diet. I must admit, i am going to try and stay off the alcohol for a while, although i did attend a wine tasting session today, so it is not a good start.

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