The 5:2 Diet: Juliet’s Journey Continued


Post holiday blues have really set in now. Mountains of washing have been done and it is time to reflect and report on how we got on with our holiday fast.

We tried to engineer the fast days so we would only have to fast once on holiday. We seem to have more or less succeeded because we have managed 4 fasts in 15 days. We chose to fast the day we hired a boat on the Norfolk Broads, our thinking being it would not be too strenuous and we could drink loads of black tea (we had a cute little galley kitchen on board).

To begin with I was seriously grumpy.  I’m sure much of the challenge of fasting, especially for me, is psychological. I felt like I was being cheated having to fast on holiday. I had my normal fast day breakfast of a small bowl of cereal as did Hubby and to eat on the boat I took both of us one of those tuna salad ready meals in foil. They are quite tasty and are handy if you can’t prepare fresh food (calories are around 250 per portion). I have noticed on fast days that the flavours of food seem intensified. Hunger, as usual, came and went in waves but there were no temptations such as biscuits and crisps. There was plenty of black tea. So much black tea that I flooded the diesel cooker (yes just like you do when you use a manual choke on a car, if you are old enough to remember!).

Once we were off the boat and back in the holiday house I made my usual huge salad for dinner. I had a small portion of smoked mackerel with it and Hubby chose to have some smoked salmon. Unfortunately Hubby also has quite a delicate stomach and within the hour the salmon (which we belatedly realised was dodgy) made a reappearance. He really did fast that day. It took him most of the next day to recover. Both of us have been finding the day after the fast the most difficult but for Hubby this was compounded by the sickness and diarrhoea from the day before.

A few days later and back at home Hubby has recovered and is delighted by the fact that he has lost 6 lbs in two and a half weeks. I however have lost 3 lbs but am equally delighted by that. I have tightened my belt a notch and feel generally a bit more trim. Although the weight loss is of course important, the overall health benefits that we are hoping to achieve are spurring us on.]

Juliet – Guest Blogger

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  1. Enjoying your blog entries Juliette as i begin to dabble in 5:2 and see how i cope with a fast day or two. Getting down to about 750 cals at the moment as I continue to work out the best 500 I can manage.

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