The 5:2 Diet: Mickey’s Journey (Week 3)

Feta from Greece

Feta Cheese (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the beginning of week 3 and so far so good.  I have lost 3 ½ lbs in the first 3 weeks and I am happy with this as I was in a cycle of loose 4 lb put on 5 lb that had persisted since May this year!

Wednesday 22nd August
I seemed to have a real craving for sugary stuff today and managed to eat my normal daily healthy food, plus 2 milky ways, a serving of Kelly’s Ice cream and a Double Decker.  This is not good. 

I think that I am due for my period, so this might explain the craving.  I was weak-willed and gave into it today, so I am going to be strong and make sure that I try to keep my treats under control.  I don’t want to damage all my good work by indulging in nutritionally empty food.  I was also very lazy last week with exercise and only did one body attack class all week (plus a 45 minute swim in rough seas.)  I did not do any exercise to day, but fully intend to do 3 classes on Thursday.  

Thursday 23rd August
Have started well today with just my coffee and fruit and yogurt and I have got to lunch time without chocolate.  I now need to get through lunch time and into the afternoon.  If I can avoid chocolate at work then maybe I will treat myself at home tonight. 

I am doing a Zumba class, a spin class and a body pump class to night at the gym.  That is a total of 2 ¼ hours of exercise, so that will be good for me and keep my metabolism going.  Lunch time now and I will be having ham, cucumber, tomatoes and feta cheese with Bovril and followed by a banana.

Friday 24th August
Not a good start to today.  I had to visit the docs to discuss blood test results and it seems I am anaemic.  This is probably due to increased periods because of the onset of menopause, but she still wanted me to have a chest X-ray for some reason!!  This is a tad worrying.  I explained about my weight loss and my change to the 5:2 Diet and she did not have any issue with that.  Also I have to take iron tablets (welcome to the world of constipation!!) oh joy.  Let’s just hope this is a temporary issue, because otherwise all my other bloods were fine.  Perhaps I will have to start having raw liver for breakfast (yuck).  

We have a Bank Holiday weekend approaching which is sure to lead to a few over-indulgences, so perhaps today I ought to try to have a very low and healthy food day (to compensate for the blips at the weekend). Mind you, I am going to do a Rowing Club taster-session on Sunday so that should burn off a few calories.  If I like it I am going to sign up for a six week course, because I am sure that it will be very good for upper body strength and toning (not to mention bloody knackering).

Had a hectic lunchtime; my stress levels were so high when I got back to the office that I ate my lunch, (a scone with jam and a Milky Way) and I’m still looking for something to eat (or someone to kill) – either will do!

Mickey – Guest Blogger

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  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing your blog, I’m following Weight Watchers and the 5:2 Diet too. Instead of Iron tablets try Floradix – Herbal Iron and Vitamin Formula or Holland and Barrett’s own version, they both taste nice and don’t come with any of the nasty side affects!

    Good luck 🙂

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