The 5:2 Diet: Juliet’s Journey (The Going Gets Tough)

English: Beans on toast


Back to a normal fasting pattern this week with mixed results. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days Hubby and I have chosen to fast this week.

I do some voluntary gardening on a Tuesday and I was feeling quite positive at the start of the day, my mind was distracted and my tummy was quite full from the day before. By break time I was starving so I decided to have a banana, I was quite conscious though that those calories would come out of my total later on. I started to struggle when I got home because I would usually have had a decent lunch and even a treat on a Tuesday. Instead I had a roll, a small slice of cheese and some salad. For dinner I had baked trout and salad. Normally after gardening I feel pleasantly tired and pretty hungry, today I felt wrecked and absolutely starving. Once again a headache was hard to shift and made it tough to stay positive.

We decided the following day would be a feed day as it was my birthday and although I had a good day I felt a bit under par. The next day would be a fast day but unfortunately I woke up on the Thursday with a really stiff and painful back. I have been having niggly back problems but this was something else. I felt like I wanted to continue with the fast day as usual but in hindsight I should probably have just given in and eaten normally. Hubby and daughter stepped up to the mark and waited on me hand and foot but I had a pretty miserable day coping with pain as well as hunger.

An issue that has kept cropping up has been what to do with my daughter on fast days. She is 13 and I am naturally conscious of the fact that she needs her full quota of vitamins and nutrients. Left to her own devices she will gladly feed herself all day with cereal, chocolate and preferably chocolate cereal. When not at school she will normally make her own lunch with me prompting her to eat some protein etc, fast days are therefore much the same. It is dinnertime that starts to pose a problem. On feed days I will usually make a meal for all three of us but on fast days Hubby and I have been dropping potatoes or other carbs and having a very scaled down meal for dinner. On these fast days I have had to make her a completely different meal from scratch or have resorted to a cook/chill option, a boiled egg, or beans on toast. So far I don’t think I have succeeded in maintaining her diet to the same level as before we started fasting and I haven’t solved the problem of not wanting to cook someone else a full meal when you are fasting.  A friend suggested cooking and freezing some favourite dinners in advance. This may be the answer as long as that cooking and freezing goes on on a feed day. I don’t think I could stand the temptation!

Juliet – Guest Blogger

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