The 5:2 Diet: Pete’s Journey


It’s been an unusual week; visiting family away from home really threw my routine.  I made the mistake of not telling anyone about my diet and then feeling really bad arriving there on Sunday when I saw the food mountain piled into the oversized fridge.  I knew that the next day was a fast day for me and offence could easily be caused by announcing this when my dear Mum had gone to so much trouble. 

So (keeping my diet to myself) I had to feign fullness and feeling a bit “icky” to miss breakfast and lunch and then stopped eating in the evening after an approximate 600 cal serving of lasagne.  That makes a surprisingly small meal and a highly unusual amount of left-overs! 

That done, I decided to divide and conquer the issue by moving my next fast day onto the day I would set off for home (instead of the following day, as I would normally), thus allowing me to enjoy the hospitality for the intervening two days.

This worked, and after the first strange day, nobody had to put up with my strange (to them) eating habits.  It also meant a six hour motorway journey on an empty stomach (which made me feel a bit nervous) and trying to guess another 600 cal portion size from a generous helping of casserole at the excellent Tebay services in Cumbria.

The bad news soon followed, I weighed myself at the end of the week to find I’d lost precisely zero pounds.  Oh dear.  Given the excess portions and ready availability of junk food on my feed days, I’d really gone to town, and it showed.  Fingers crossed for a better week next week.

Pete – Guest Blogger

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