The 5:2 Diet: Mickey’s Journey (Week 4 Part I)


I am sat looking at the beginning of week 4 and feeling really positive.  I seem to be over my horrible plateau and have now lost nearly twice as much weight in 4 weeks as I had lost in 4 months.  I am heading towards a total weight loss of 4 ½ stone and know that the goal for me is now only 2 ½ stone away.  Obviously this will be the hardest part to lose, but in relation to what I have lost it does not seem impossible anymore. 

When I first started in August 2011 at nearly 18 stone, losing 7 stone seemed impossible, climbing Everest seemed more likely than me actually losing the weight, but now a year later and nearly ¾ of my target achieved it is such a confidence boost, which should give me the edge to complete the final run in.  I have a smaller target of trying to lose a further 7 lb within the next 4 weeks so that I can get to 13 stone by the end of September and then I will just have to knuckle down to the losing the rest, hopefully by Christmas.

Wednesday 28th August
Back on the eating phase of the week and it is good to have food again.  It is true that the fasting does make you appreciate your food and enjoy it when you can have it.  I seem to enjoy the tastes much more.  It was also good to know that I could have some treats tonight and not feel guilty.  I did a rough calculation of my eating over the week including the two 500 calorie days and found that even when I was going over my daily points and eating my weekly points and my exercise points and found that my average for each day was knocked down to about 1300 points per day even though on some days I ate far more than that.  On some days I was eating 1920 calories, but the two 500 days really bring the average down.  It makes weight loss so much easier.  I did notice that today – as the first day after the fast I did feel the need to eat more (not excessively), but more and more bad things. 

Thursday 29th August
I managed to eat a whole pack of Marks and Spencer’s Jubilee Macaroons today.  These came in at 9 points for all six diddy little cakes, but they were quite lovely so I don’t care.  This is the danger of going to the shop to buy healthy food and then being distracted by the cakes aisle.  However I was very good and only bought the extra lean ham and feta cheese and their Count on us crisps.  A little bit of sinning does you good.  I did go to the gym and did Zumba and Bodypump.  I think the Bodypump is really good, because it is weight (resistance) training set to music and I think that this is the key to reshaping my body as it seems to concentrate on all the key areas – flabby thighs and bingo wings!  

Friday 30th August
I am very happy today, as I needed to buy a dress for the end of September for a dinner dance and found the perfect dress in a local department store.  Not only was it gorgeous and surprisingly cheap at £50, it was a size 14!!! This time last year I was wearing size 24 and now I am in size 14s.  It is brilliant and what’s more my husband loved it and did not moan about the cost.  This makes the deprivation for two days a week more than worth it.  On the food front, I did managed to eat extremely well today and managed to fit in a Magnum Infinity and some ice cream and still keep within the limits.  Also tried Sainsbury’s basic fish fingers and their fish cakes and they were very nice (and very cheap).  I can highly recommend them.

Saturday 1st September
Got up early today so that I could get my chores done and be out the door to the Gym by 09:45 for Bodypump.  This was my second session of the week and it really does seem to be helping.  I had a very light breakfast of Yogurt coffee and fruit and when I came in after exercise did not really feel hungry till late afternoon when I had some crisps and dips.

We had a barbecue even though it was dull weather – trying to keep the summer feeling going and although I ate more I did not overdo it and steered clear of the burgers.  Had plenty of salad and some new potatoes.  I even allowed myself some sparkling wine (only two glasses as I did not want to get squiffy). 

I weighed myself this morning and was surprised to find myself a little bit up at 13 stone 9 ¾ lbs, but when I weighed myself after the gym it had dropped back to 13 stone 7 ¼ lb, so not so bad. 

Mickey – Guest Blogger


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  1. I thought Mickey was on to something when she mentioned that a pack of M&S Jubilee Macaroons totalled 9 points(did she mean calories) for all six cakes. I checked purposley and saw that one macaroon had 55cals per 12g macaroon. A whole pack comes in at 330 cals! Can she clarify?

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