The 5:2 Diet: Juliet’s Journey – Onwards and Upwards


Here I am again reflecting on my progress on the 5:2 diet and I realise the last week has certainly been eventful. 

I had a last minute offer of a ticket to visit the Paralympics on Monday so I rested my poorly back for a few days over the weekend so I would be match fit. My inactivity and some serious comfort eating over the weekend meant my weight started to creep up. Although weight loss is not the be all and end all for Hubby and I it is quite hard to feel motivated to fast when you are not seeing any benefits.

Had a wonderful day on Monday and fasted on Tuesday again. Didn’t do the gardening as my back was still sore, so overall I found it slightly easier. Lunch was soup which fills me up quite well, although Hubby still swears by his skimpy sandwich. For dinner we both had fish and salad. After dinner I started to get quite a bad headache but I am sure I am lasting longer in the day before they start.

I was chatting to a friend this week who is knowledgeable about diet and nutrition and she suggested  it would be good to try not to worry too much about three meals a day on fast days but instead swap to a  “little and often approach”. Combining this with some slow release carbs, such as oats, for breakfast and some high energy foods such as pulses nuts etc.  might help to combat the blood sugar fluctuations which could cause the headaches.

The following day was fast day so I tried to put these ideas into practice. I started with a small bowl of porridge, then a banana for early lunch, a bowl of salad in the afternoon then dinner of asparagus, boiled egg and salad. I definitely felt better during the day and my usual headache didn’t materialise until bedtime. Strangely though, I found it difficult to sleep because I suddenly became starving hungry with really bad indigestion.

Good news though, the weight loss kicked in again and Hubby has lost 8lbs and I have lost 6lbs. Hey ho, onwards and upwards.

Juliet – Guest Blogger


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  1. I am not an expert, but your headaches could be caused by i) not drinking enough water (by eating less you are consuming less water in your food ii) Caffeine withdrawal. If your have cut down because of the calories in the milk.
    I have just finished my 2 days and have had a good pig out today. Enjoyed it with out any guiltyness.
    If my determination starts to wane, I just think about all that fat in my internal organs and injecting my stomach for diabetes etc and the 2 days don`t seem that bad a trade off.

    • Thanks for your input. You may have a point in respect of the water intake. I do try to keep my levels up but will try to bear that in mind. I wouldn’t have thought it would be caffeine because I gave up caffeine about 6 months ago and went through withdrawal headaches back then. I completely avoid caffeine now. Lots of luck.

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  3. I’ve just completed 5 weeks on the 5:2 diet and I just lost 5.5 pounds 😦 I must admit that on my eating days, I did enjoy some cookies but I thought I would be able to lose more weight.
    Anyway, I will still keep going…
    I also have headaches some of my fasting days and I do drink plenty of water.

    • I have lost a similar amount of weight in a similar time. I think it depends on where you start from. Also it is thought to be better to lose weight slowly and a pound a week is recommended.

  4. I’ve on the 5:2 diet for about four weeks, and reckon that I ave lost just under 10lbs, which is great as the weight loss has been pretty evenly spread out over this time. This past week, I haven’t lost any weight, and in fact when I weighed myself this morning, I was marginally higher than from a week ago. The point you make early in your blog about it being hard to be motivated if you are not seeing results was rammed home to me; even though I am constantly telling myself that I am in this for the long haul. On the plus side, my fast day yesterday really went off very easily, which felt good, not least of all because I had a very busy day at work, which undoubtedly helps

    • Hi Shiv

      That is interesting to read, this is my 5th week on the 5:2 and I had also lost 10lbs in 4 weeks, but this week I have gained 1lb. I had hoped this diet would allow me to come off my medication for hypertension, but I had a check up this week and there has been VERY little change in my readings.

      I have a blood test booked for this week also, I will be interested to see if any of the other markers mentioned in the Horizon programme have changed. On the plus side my GP was happy for me to be on this diet and only advised that it may be a good idea to eat high nutritional value food on fast days, which is what I tend to do anyway.

      Regards Steve

      • Steve, if Michael Moseley has sold us a pup, I’ll be very cross! But more seriously, as much as I am enjoying the 5:2 diet (today’s one of my two fast days an I am enjoying a bowl of miso soup for lunch) and all that it has brought with it — lots more exercise and a greater consciousness about what I eat (even on non-fast days), the truth is that biggest motivator for me is weight loss — so long may that continue. What I have done is that rather than obsessively weighing myself daily, I now only weight myself the morning after my second fast day of the week.

        On a separate, but related, note has anyone had much experience with a 5:2 diet whilst on a business trip? I have two work-related trips coming up — one to the US, and the other to the Far East, and they are usually characterised with loads of jet lag, lots of irregular eating and drinking, and very little exercise. That said, I am determined to try and stick to my two fast days a week, as best as I can.

        Cheers, for now. Shiv

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  6. I’m really dissapointed with the diet. I haven’t lost one pound in two weeks, just the time I’m doing this diet.
    Breakfast on fasting day. Toast, egg, and coffee. Dinner. Fish and vegetables. Rest of the day, coffee, tea or water.
    Normal days, normal food.
    Sorry if I make any grammar mistakes. I’m writing from Spain. 😉

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