The 5:2 Diet: Mickey’s Journey (Week Four, Part II)


Missed the gym this morning, but did do an afternoon body pump session.  The resistance work is supposed to be the best way to lose fat.  I have never enjoyed pump before, but had an epiphany 2 weeks ago and since my charming husband told me that I could not wear a sleeveless dress because of the wobbly bits under my arms I have desperately been trying to tone them up.  Yes he is still breathing, but only till I think up a suitable punishment. 

I slow roasted a leg of lamb, which was lush, but as I have 2 fast days next I have had to freeze the meat left over so that I can make a scotch broth on Wednesday.   I roasted the potatoes in with the lamb and they were to die for.

Monday 3rd September
All started well today.  I managed to get through to 2pm with only 81 calories eaten.  I then blew 95 on a Cadburys Fredo the frog, small but costly!  I had the rest of last weeks veggie chilli (it did seem a bit short on chunks of veg) and rice.  I then ended up having half a Magnum.  So 150 calories on top of the 450 I had eaten for the day.  I supposed 600 is not too bad, but still a slip up.  I went to the gym again for another body pump session to distract me from eating.  It worked quite well  as by the time I got in it was time for bed and was easy to bypass the kitchen.  My food record is the same as my school report – must do better!!!

Tuesday 4th September
I have found it really easy to stick to my 500 today.  I had coffee for breakfast, bovril for lunch and a small banana mid afternoon. This left me with 400 calories for the evening.  So I had veggie curry and rice with a very small lamb chop.  I am looking forward to eating tomorrow.

Weigh in night tonight and disaster I put on 1 lb!!  Where did I go wrong?  Reviewing the weekend, I must have over eaten, but I did track everything I ate.  Perhaps my slip ups last week on fast days meant that I ate far more than 500 calories.  Or did I perhaps do too many body pump classes and have I put on some muscle.  I really was not expecting to put on, but will have to put it behind me and keep going. 

I suppose I have to be realistic and realise that my body is still going to have all its normal ups and downs, despite this different diet and sometimes you do just put on weight one week.  I probably lost more than I should have done the previous week and this is just my body adjusting itself.  The real problem is that the weight goes on so quickly and without you knowing, so you find yourself be labelled obese before you know it, but the losing takes far, far longer than it took to put it on.  If it did come off as quickly as I wanted it, I would be left with yards of hanging skin that had not had time to adjust back.  Patience is a necessity when you are trying to lose weight (and a dash of iron will power).  It is really hard to believe that I am now heading into week 5 of this new style of eating!!!

Mickey – Guest Blogger


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