The 5:2 Diet: Ashleigh’s Journey Week Four


So, last week ended up being a bit of an experiment, and an unsuccessful one at that. The plan was to take everybody’s advice and do two non-consecutive fast days. This is meant to be the ‘proper’ way to do the 5:2 diet. It is said to be easier and therefore i thought i would prefer it. So, the week started well, i did my first fast on the Sunday, and as usual, I completed it without any mishaps. However, after only one fast day, I didn’t feel the same level of accomplishment as I do after two consecutive fast days, and therefore I found myself back to my usual habits of eating, eating and eating, throughout Monday and Tuesday.

By Wednesday I was ready for my next fast. I started the day with my classic poached egg on toast, a delightful breakfast at only 225 calories. At midday i had a small apple and a handful of dried berries (only 75 calories in total) just to keep me going. But by tea time I was definitely ready to eat, and a lovely homemade bowl of pea and mint soup was on the menu – my all time favourite! As i was making the soup I was precisely totaling up the calories, and as it is such a simple soup, one quite large bowl only has 120 calories – I was delighted. So I had that, plus a small slice of bread. Bringing me to exactly 500 calories. The day had been quite easy so far, but, that fast day was the first one I had ever had to go to work on, so off I went, I did my 5 hours waitressing, and by the end, as i had predicted, I was starving. Despite this, I declined the chef’s offer of a bowl of tomato and mushroom soup, stating that I was all ‘souped out’! But i wasn’t, I could have scoffed the lot.

And then Thursday morning came, and just like on the Monday, I didn’t feel as though I had just finished a fast day, and so, back to the eating I went. And, come the weekend, this pattern of eating just got worse. I had thought that by doing two non-consecutive fast days, my eating would level out, and I would consume less on the feed days, however, instead, I seemed to feel as though I wasn’t fasting at all.

I didn’t get a chance to weigh myself until the saturday this week, this could be because I wasn’t looking forward to it as I really didn’t feel as though I had lost any weight, in fact, I thought I would have put on. But it does seem that despite my lack of control, I did manage to loss 1 pound – its better than none! But, right there and then, standing on the scales, my decision was made, next week I will go back to my consecutive fast days.

I know that having consecutive fast days is not the way it is meant to be done, but to be honest, I think what is more important is finding a pattern that works best for yourself. Even if that means struggling through two fast days in a row, and eating the same thing on each of those days, at least there is the promise of weight loss at the end of it all.

Ashleigh – Guest Blogger

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