The 5:2 Diet: Mickey’s Journey (Week 5, Part I)


Week 5 part 1
This week is going to be difficult as I am in a hotel on my own for Saturday; Sunday and Monday working in another office. I am going to have to save all my weekly points for the weekend so I can get through. The fast day on Monday will be especially difficult. Fasting in a 5 star hotel!!!

Wednesday 5th September
I am already starting the day with cake on my table. Two birthdays were celebrated on Monday and as I could not eat cake then, pieces were put aside for me!! This is not a good start when I know I am trying to preserve my weekly points till the weekend. However I have tried to be good and spread it over the next two days by putting each piece in a separate plastic tub and putting them in the fridge so I only eat one piece a day. Today I have only had one small half slice of Sticky Toffee Cake (M & S) and very good it was too. I made a Scotch Broth casserole (with leftover roast lamb), which was very healthy as it will make at least 4 portions and is loaded with vegetables. My husband can have most of the lamb. It was gorgeous, very tasty and filling. However pudding turned out to be a shared bag of Minstrels!! Still only had to use 5 of my weekly points so will have to be strong on Thursday and Friday now.

Thursday 6th September
Breakfast and Lunch were both nice and healthy: Fruit and yogurt and coffee and for lunch ham, cucumber, feta and tomatoes. Then I went and blew it by eating a half slice of walnut coffee cake, a half slice of Belgian chocolate tart and two weight watchers mini chocolate rolls. So much for eating just a piece of cake each day. Nevermind it is all gone now, so cannot eat it tomorrow so will be very good tomorrow. I have the will power of a rampaging wildebeest. I am doing several sessions at the gym tonight, bodypump, spin and bodyattack in the hope of making up for my gorging on cake. I have finally given up Zumba as I now find it too boring and prefer more high intensity exercise. I suppose this is an indication that my fitness is improving. Thankfully dinner is last nights leftovers so it will be quick and easy to do when I finally stagger in at 9 pm tonight!

Friday 7Th September
Very busy at work today as I am taking 14 PCs to our Exeter Office and have not quite finished the installs. This helps as it stops me having lunch and takes my mind off food. Consequently by the time I get home I have not had much to eat at all so opt for Pizza from Pappa John’s. It is lush and there is even some left for cold munchies on Saturday morning on the way to Exeter.

Mickey – Guest blogger


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  1. vsi4ki istinski braglui triqdva da glasuvat dori i bez dase zamisliqt,tyva zasiqga ne samo durjavatu ni no i na6ite deca tu i dori samite nas .. Tu zatyva tredva dase glasuva,i da se premahnat izmamite v durjavatu ni .Nodokoga 6te se turpi tuva.???

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