The 5:2 Diet: Mickey’s Journey (Week 5, Part II)


Saturday 8th September
On my way to Exeter this morning.  I set off at 08:40 without breakfast or coffee – big mistake.  I am soon munching on the cold pizza I have packed for lunch, shortly followed by a bag of Galaxy Caramels (a big bag) and just to make sure a Wispa bar (which I managed to drop all down the front of my shirt – an attractive look!!!)

I am really busy so manage to avoid lunch and I work through to 6pm getting back to the hotel about 6:30.  I even go for a 20 minute run before I have dinner.  Dinner consists of a nice healthy prawn and crayfish starter with very little mayonnaise and cucumber, Steak with salad and chunky chips and a pudding that has melted by the time I eat it and should be chocolate mousse with popcorn ice cream but is more like chocolate mousse with milkshake!!  The steak is too much so I leave half and the mousse to rich so again I leave half and very virtuously put it all outside the door to remove temptation.  So I manage to be reasonably within my daily and weekly points system so far.

Sunday 9th September
I get up with a spring and I am down in the swimming pool by 08:20 and manage 25 minutes of lengths, getting in about 20 lengths.  It is a 25 meter pool.  I then go back upstairs for a leisurely shower and down to breakfast, where I eat virtuously once again – poached egg on toast, yogurt, fruit salad and some fruit juice.  I take an apple for later.

I am again really busy all day, so just the apple for lunch and coffee during the day.  I finish work at 6:30 and trot off back to the hotel. No run tonight as I am too tired.  I order from room service again, this time not so good.  The starter is something called Seared Charcuterie, which turns out to be some sort of home made spice sausage one of which is palatable and one of which I could place on the sole of my shoe and walk on for a week and not notice any wear!  I opt for steak again as I don’t fancy anything else on the menu and the cheese plate for dessert.  Again I leave half the steak, but do eat all of the cheese plate. 

Monday 10th September
This is going to be truly difficult.  I have a fruit juice, coffee and poached egg on toast for breakfast with an apple for later again.  During the day it is fine again as I am very busy, but a bust up with a awkward member of staff makes me stressed so sends me back to the hotel in a bad frame of mind.  I have not eaten too badly so far and feel I have about 350 calories left.  I order Leek and potato soup, French fries, a crayfish wrap and the cheese plate.  I leave half the French fries and half the soup but do eat all the wrap and most of the cheese plate.  I must have eaten about 750 calories today.  Not good.

Tuesday 11Th September
I am driving home today at lunch time, so I have to have something reasonable at breakfast so opt for beans on toast with some mushrooms with coffee and water and 2 mini Danish pastries.  The fact that I am working all morning and driving for the rest of the day means I will have no problems with food till I get home.  Once home I am like a caged tiger, prowling backwards and forwards to the fridge and looking to see what I can eat.  I managed to avoid food till about 7:30 and have a frozen chilli beef dish – a weight watchers recipe that I made some months ago with 60 grams of pasta.  I then spoil it all by eating half a pack of minstrel in bed that night.  I must have had nearly 1000 calories today. 

This is the end of the five weeks and I should have gone to Weight watchers tonight.  I did not because when I weighed myself I was 13 stone 8lbs, the same as last week.  I was upset about that, but really I should have been less hard on myself.  I had just had a difficult weekend in a situation where it is really difficult to control what I eat and I had not put any weight on, so that has to be a plus point.  I am going to continue with the 5:2 diet as I like the fact that if I stick to the 500 on both days I have more leeway on the other 5.  It will be a challenge for the next 3 weeks as I am on leave, but this is for life, so I have to deal with it. 

I am also considering trying alternate day fasting later on in the next few months, but I really need to have a good strategy for attempting that, primarily a good food plan for those fasting days. 

Good luck to all those out there who try it and as over the 5 weeks I managed to boost my weight loss again and did take off nearly half a stone despite many eating mishaps both on and off the fast days I would highly recommend this eating lifestyle – because that is what it is, not a diet but an eating lifestyle.

Mickey – Guest Blogger


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  1. Hi! Yours was a very human,quite loveable approach to this I stuck rigidly to the diet, lost a stone over the 5 weeks, rarely really hungry. What now? Quite liked the light feeling when dieting. Could I now switch to 6:1? For me, point of the diet is to sharpen mental acuity. Any ideas?

  2. Mercury33, that’s a really good question. Like you I have also lost a stone in about 5 weeks, and while I still have another 2 stone to go till I reach my target weight, I have wondered what one does when one gets to that point? The now seminal Horizon programme talks about 5:2 becoming a way of life, so I suppose you have to keep up some elements of the fast:feast structure, and if 6:1 works for you, then what’s not to like. Good luck!

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