The 5:2 Diet: Pete’s Journey (Week 6 Results)


This week I have been messing around with my formula for the best 5:2 system and had my eureka moment with this arrangement:  Day 1 – fast all day, eat all 600 cals at tea time.  Day 2 (consecutively) – eat 300 cals for breakfast and 300 cals for tea, the other days, eat what I like.  This works very nicely indeed for me.  I always find day one of the fast quite easy anyway; day two was always the challenge, but splitting the fast into two parts during the day makes the hunger pangs more bearable.

As for eating what like on the other days, this week I passed a new milestone, the frontline in the battle of the bulge, my waistline, has receded by a whole notch on my belt!  So I really do seem to be getting away with it, as it were.  Proof of the pudding (and I do love puddings) is the loss of another two pounds of dastardly fat.

Pete – Guest Blogger

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  2. hello, i enjoyed your very realistic diary. I am wondering how you are getting on? Are you still on the diet? Have you managed to keep the weight off?

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