The 5:2 Diet: Juliet’s Journey – The Conclusion


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This is going to be my last post on this site and I must say it has been great fun and really helpful to write. Rarely, if not ever, have I focussed so intently on what I eat and indeed what Hubby eats.

Speaking of Hubby he had some great news following a recent blood test. His bad cholesterol was reduced and his good cholesterol was significantly increased in comparison with his last test. His blood pressure was lower and other markers such as kidney function were improved. All in all the nurse was really impressed and put most of the improvements down to Hubby’s new regime.

During the last seven and a half weeks on the 5:2 diet there have been quite a few challenges. These have included deciding whether to fast on holiday, dealing with headaches and hunger, irritability and what on earth was low calorie enough to eat on a fast day.

For Hubby and I the 5:2 diet has undoubtedly resulted in significant weight loss; me 9 lbs, Hubby 16 lbs. Alongside this Hubby has proof of increased health benefits and we have both begun to look at what and how we eat in a new light. Food tastes better, we both appreciate our treats more, and can now eat in moderation without scoffing until we are far too full. We generally have more energy and the fasting days get easier each time. We are both committed to continuing and are therefore faced with one last important dilemma – what do we do at Christmas?

Juliet – Guest Blogger


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  1. We (my husband and myself) have been doing the 5:2 – fasting Monday and Tuesday. This is now a way of life – recently went on holiday (no fasting for a week) but my husband looked fantastic in his swimming trunks, having lost 8lbs before we left. Now back on it. Will prob stop over the Christmas week, but then will get back on. Feel so much better and not at all difficult. If you need a week off for a holiday, don’t beat yourself up, just get back on it after hols.

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