The 5:2 Diet: Mickey’s Journey – The Final Post


Well it has been an interesting 6 or 7 weeks and I have learnt much about myself. I know that I cannot fast when I am at home on holiday!  The temptation is just too much.  I also learnt that I should never go downstairs during the night on a fast day.  I just end up munching on something from the fridge or cupboard, deluding myself with the view that it is between the fasts!!!! 

Those were the negatives.  The positives were that in reality with a little will power and spending the day at work (or occupied fully) sticking to the 500 is relatively easy and the hunger is not overpowering.

What I will take from this experience is a permanent method of how to live my life and win the battle of the calories.  I see the 5:2 plan as a way of life that can be worked in with my current Weight Watchers regime and when I move onto maintenance which I hope to achieve sometime next year then this will also dovetail in with the 5:2 plan nicely. 

I think that the trial ran for me at a particularly difficult time work-wise and home life-wise, as I was extremely busy at work and had to do several visits to our other offices, some involving hotel stays and the end then coincided with my main holiday.  Having said that I managed through that time to lose half a stone, but whilst on 3 weeks holiday and a busy weekend away for work only put back on 3 ½ lbs even though I did no exercise and relaxed my eating habits dramatically.  Had I not attempted to keep to the fast days as I did I think that I would have been looking at the best part of a stone put on!  Indeed last Christmas I only missed 1 Weight Watchers weigh-in over Christmas so only let myself go for a week and I put on 3 lb.  This time round I missed 5 weigh-ins, so 3 ½ lb for that length of time is amazing really.

What I need to do to carry on is to become much more focussed on my twin goals, which are to shift the final 2 ½ stone and dramatically improve my health.  I need to increase my will power and really stick rigidly to the 500 cal limits on fast days.  One thing that is going to help is that my husband has decided to join me in fasting on a Monday and after the New Year is going to extend it to two days.  This will help me to be much stricter with myself as I will not just be letting myself down. 

Good luck to everyone who tries this regime, don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up sometimes, because to be honest even if you only achieve 700 or 800 calories on day you are still doing some good and building good habits takes time and patience.  One colleague limits what he eats at work to the bare minimum (less than 100 calories) and then allows himself to pretty much eat normally at home in the evening.  Whilst this may not follow the plan rigidly and may not achieve the reduction of the damaging growth hormone, it will contribute to lowering his overall calorie intake for the week. 

Thank you to everyone who has read my posts.  I enjoyed writing them and sharing them with you.

Mickey – Guest Blogger


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  1. Something that I found today which definitely makes fast days more bearable is – she posts recipes for healthy adapted recipes that are dramatically lower in calories and even tastier than their crazy counterparts. For example, her chocolate bar pie, on a chocolate cookie crust, is about 1/8th the calories of a similar pie from the Cheesecake factory. Check it out – it will greatly improve your fast days.

    Thanks so much for posting about your experiences. After reading them I was encouraged to start this diet myself. I’m currently in the process of my second fast day, and it’s been much easier than the first. Really helpful to have seen someone similar to me go through the process. And your writing is brilliant too!

    Best of luck in your quest to be healthier! 😀

    • No there aren’t. And anyways diet pills don’t work once you stop using them you just gain weghit again so the best way to lose weghit is the old fashion way diet and excersise. I’m 12 and I have the same problem well i’m not fat or chuby its just my stomache looks fat, but they have books and i’m trying to see if theres a gym for kids. Also a while ago i found a camp called excersise for kids it was fun and they have a bunch of other places. If your really dedicated and really focused then you’ll be able to lose weghit. Just like my friend she was dedicated and she was able to lose weghit.

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