Is The 5:2 Diet Just TOO Boring?

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I haven’t written about this diet for a while, so decided to have a look at how popular it is a few months after it was first discussed on the BBC Horizon television programme. I was surprised to see that there is still an awful lot of buzz around the diet. This article written by Siobhan McNally discusses the author’s short journey on the diet and concludes that “it may mean I get to live longer, but in the meantime I’m going to die of boredom“.

Do you agree that this diet is just too boring to stick to? Is boredom the biggest factor to overcome, or are there other problems such as fatigue or a healthy social life that have blocked your path to success?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. I thought that was quite a stupid article. I think 5:2 is much less boring than most diets since you can eat what you want within reason on the other 5 days. The trick is to try to fast on days when you can keep yourself busy with non-food-related activities. I’ve not found it interferes with my social life too much, the fast days can be switched around if necessary – I’ve also been known to break a nearly 24 hour fast with a glass of wine – oops! Found it impossible to do more than sip it slowly though …

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  2. No, it isn’t boring when it becomes part of your routine and the benefits outweigh any of the disadvantages. I have lost a stone, lots of inches and my digestive system is working far better than it did before – it obviously appreciates the alternate days of “rest”. I am not sure I feel more intelligent or intellectually brighter though! I have had 2 bad colds very close together, when normally I don’t get them and did wonder if the 5:2 made me more susceptible? But I can’t think how as I eat loads of veg & fruit anyway. Socially it isn’t difficult; as a previous poster says, you just change your days – it’s not rocket science is it?
    I never normally follow diets, but I don’t consider this a diet, it is a regime which works for me, and a couple of other friends who are also converts.

  3. No not boring, nor is it exciting either. I can’t say I look forward to fast days, but I don’t dread them either, they are just 2 days a week I take it easy. I have been on this diet pretty much since the program was shown. I have lost 23lbs, gone from a very tight 34 inch waist (just couldn’t face buying a 36) to a very comfortable 32. I did not start this diet to lose weight, I tried it for the health benefits. I have tried before to follow healthy diets that are proven or said to have health benefits without success. Normally within a few weeks/months for 1 reason or another things start to slip. So far not with this one, I have thought about what it is about this diet that makes it work for me and I can’t put my finger on it, but I think it has much to do with the flexibility this diet allows. I aim to fast Tuesdays and Thursdays every week, but if a social occasion falls on one of those days I just fast the next day instead. For me as long as I do 2 fasting days in every 7 and limit myself to a maximum 600 calories on fast days everything is cool.

    • I realize now my one line wasn’t terribly helpful but I agree with all that has been said. I have been doing it for a few months now and it is definitely getting easier. Mondays and Thursdays because there is less temptation and I am busier. I usually harve porridge and fruit between 10 & 12 or as late as possible and a light evening meal about. 6. I might have a a few almonds at breakfast time and a low calorie (75) snack bar in the afternoon but really if I am going to do things properly it makes more sense to stick to 500 Calories. I hope to carry on for as long as possible. Never been on a diet before though always watched what I ate. However, as long as you don’t go mad on the eating days you can have “a little of what you fancy” without worrying.
      Oh and I have lost about 10lbs which is a bonus.

  4. I don’t find it boring but now a normal part of my routine. I did question if it was working until I had to buy a new pair of trousers. I had lost two inches from my waist in about ten weeks. When I hunger a little I think of those trousers! Martin.

  5. Much the same as stated above. I have dieted for years and lost and gained. What made me think this time around was the overall health benefits. I had been put on statins a year ago and hated the side effects so stopped taking them,. I did this diet in the hope that it helps avoid statins. I feel great on it and have lost over a stone. I have a very hectic social life involving a lot of eating and drinking and find that if I am strict on two days and not too bad on the days following I can binge a bit the other days. It has also made me adventurous re finding low calorie meals., I bought a soup maker (blends and makes in 20 mins) so make loads of soups and low calorie dinners. I think someone could capitalise by just printing a lot of easy, low calorie but tasty meals. I don’t want a book with all the science but just the basics. I am not tired on it but I did get a bad cold and it has lasted for weeks and I have lost any taste. I plan to make it a lifestyle as it is the easiest of all the ways of eating but hard when travelling to find low calorie food.

  6. If losing 32 lbs in six months is boring then bring it on — I am all for it. It is the best thing that has happened to me in a very very long time. I was clinically obese, had high cholesterol, and felt I had had the physical (un)fitness of someone twice my age, and then I happened to watch the Horizon programme.

    Here is what the 5:2 (or my version of it) has done for me —

    1. A much greater appreciation of what I eat and drink;
    2. A desire to keep fit, which now means that I am exercising up to four times a week (yes, up from nothing);
    3. A fantastic feeling that I am finally in control of myself/body, allowing me to eat and drink (as much or as little) as I want, when i want.
    4. No stupid fad diets, just straightforward personal control of diet and exercise. Cost? Not a penny. Benefit? Priceless (to nick the MasterCard line)

    Other benefits:

    Having taken several inches off my waistline, and actually starting to vaguely have the body shape of what a bloke my age should look like;
    Looking my age (or even younger, according to some!), as opposed to someone twice my age

    Boring? I think not.

    Still have another half stone to go to get to my personal target, and I am ready for it!

    Cheers, Shiv

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