5:2 Diet Recipe Ideas



I’ve searched high and low so that you don’t have to (you’re welcome). There are loads and loads of delicious 5:2 recipe ideas out there. Women are supposed to eat 500 calories or less on a fast day, and men 600 calories or less.

You can of course snack on a handful of 100 calorie things throughout the day, or you can save yourself for one main meal. This post details recipes for meals that are 500 calories or less.

This Thai Carrot Salad recipe over at the BBC Good Food website looks amazing and is only 192 calories per serving!

Their Steamed Fish with Lemon, Ginger & Chilli recipe is just 153 calories per serving.

Love pizza and can’t even resist it on a fast day? Why not try this 316 calorie Smoky Corn and Black Bean Pizza over at Eating Well! Or how about these Turkey and Lettuce Wraps at just 285 calories. Amazing!

This site called Real Simple has created a calendar of 31 under 400 calorie meals – one for every day of the month! My favourite is the Spiced Pork Chops with Red Cabbage and Raisins. Delish!

Health.com also have some great-looking ideas, such as this Maple-Glazed Salmon with Pickled Cucumber.

If you’re in a rush or just aren’t a fan of cooking your grub from fresh, why not try a low-calorie ready meal? Marks & Spencer have a low-calorie range called count on us…™. They’re a selection of ready meals all under 400 calories and less than 3% fat.


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  1. You have a great goal in mind. For one, organic doesn\’t mean it will help you lose wighet. There is organic sugar, which I do use, but refined sugar, organic sugar and refined flour all act the same, accumulating as fat on the body. What I have found to work for me (I hurt my knees and have not exercised in about 12 weeks but have altered my diet and have maintained my wighet) is taking out/reducing the refined flours (such as bread, pasta, pizza), replacing them with whole grains (brown rice, bulgar, garbanzo beans, black beans, red beans, flax, etc.). One piece of bread a day is still fine, just be aware of where the majority of your calories are coming from pasta or meat or vegetables? The other is to replace refined sugar (high fructose corn syrup-read the label, sugar, cookies, muffins, breakfast bars, sweetened yogurt, etc.) with honey, limited brown sugar, fruit that has natural sugar, dried dates, etc. Start by gradually taking refined sugar/flour out with the goal of removing entirely from everyday diet; this may help you reach your goal. Basically, you need sugar in your diet, but just not the refined stuff (the history is that companies make more money on the processed stuff which has altered our mentality that this is normal in our diet). The resulting wighet loss will come over time, not overnight. You will be healthier and feel better since a lot of the refined sugar causes headaches, depression, and just not feeling great. Also, changing your diet and liking it is hugely dependent on how you prepare your foods. Healthy food actually tastes better than the prepared stuff because it is not processed and it is fresh. The result is a satisfying fullness, less snacking, and giving your body the nutrients it is currently lacking. You will get sick less and reduce risk for cancers and other potential fatal disease conditions.Knowledge is key there are many false concepts and fads out there. Read for understanding and the wighet loss will come naturally!

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