Low Calorie Drinks for The 5:2 Diet

Latte Machiatto

Latte Machiatto (Photo credit: 5.0OG)

Yesterday I had a ‘Skinny’ Vanilla Spiced Latte. Considering it was marketed as a low fat beverage, it was high in calories…269 in fact! If you’re on a fast day and are trying to cut down, don’t waste your calories on drinks (unless, for some crazy reason, you really don’t want to eat).Here are some really high-calorie drinks you may want to avoid:

  • Starbucks‘ large White Chocolate Mocha with Whipped Cream (whole milk) = 612 calories
  • Starbucks’ Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream = 690 calories
  • Starbucks’ Caramel Frappuccino with Whipped Cream (whole milk) = 1903 calories
  • Pina Colada has approximately 644 calories per drink
  • Long Island Ice Tea typically contains over 700 calories per serving

I love going for coffee and Starbucks isn’t all bad. If you’re fasting and want to check out the calories in their drinks, click here.

Instead, why not opt for some low or zero calorie drinks…it’s only for two days each week, after all!

  • Water, water, water! There are practically NO calories in water – and if you’re lucky enough to have drinkable tap water, then it’s also free!
  • Many teas have no calories. Try green tea, lemon and ginger tea or peppermint tea. There’s a flavour out there for everyone.
  • There are only a couple of calories in a mug of black coffee. Compared to a can of Red Bull (over 100 calories), this is a great way to still get your caffeine boost without compromising the diet.
  • Diet Coke has 0 calories. Sure, it might not have the health benefits of water or green tea, but if you usually drink non-diet coke you’ll be saving around 100 calories per 8 fl oz.

Do you just drink water on a fast day? Have you ever forgotten to ‘count’ a beverage, soon realising that it’s doubled your calorie intake for the day? Let me know!


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