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We Eat Things Blog Of The Month: February 2013


cauliflower gratin

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This month’s Blog Of The Month goes to Food to Glow, written by Kellie – a Floridian living in Edinburgh.

“Who am I ? (semi-short version): I’m Kellie, a food-obsessed Floridian living in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland for more years than I care to admit. I am blessed with a gorgeous family who willingly eat almost everything that I make, although they aren’t too keen on starving as I faff with my camera and moan about the lighting (our northerly latitude is a new pet hate). Growing up I loved eating Cuban and Florida-style foods – plenty of grouper sandwiches, hushpuppies and my mother’s piccadillo.”

Kellie posts amazing recipes, gorgeous photos and all alongside witty, intelligent writing.

I particularly like the look of her Cauliflower and Green Olive Tapenade Gratin. Mmmm!