In recent years I’ve discovered that the thing I love most in life is eating. I’ve always loved food, but now I want to record what I know and how it makes me feel.

I’m really interested in where and how certain meals and ingredients originated and I have a passion for creating simple new recipes from combinations I’ve never tried before. My day revolves around the event of eating (and sometimes also drinking, if I feel willing to risk a hangover). The moment I wake up every day I think about food.

This blog will evidence my attempts to create wonderful things, discover innovative recipes, review what’s hot and what’s not in the culinary world and share my love of all things foody around the world. You might find reviews of Burger King Meals, articles about my favourite French cheese, the latest interesting food news or proof of fresh recipes I’ve tried out myself (successfully or not).

Happy reading, Foodlings!


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  1. After watching Michael Mosely on Horizon the other night, my wife (age35) and I (age 49) are going to try the 5:2 diet. We start are going to feed in the week and fast at the weekend. We both don’t drink or smoke and both could do with losing a little weight. My family have a history of heart decease and prostate/breast cancer. My wife has a family history of heart decease. Will keep you posted.

      • Well, day 1 of feeding, again. The fast weekend was a success. I ate mainly banana and oats. I drank water and green tea. My stomach isn’t as distended as normal and after Weetabix and apple pie this morning I realised my stomach had shrunk considerably, leaving me feeling awful. Just about managed a cheese sandwich in the afternoon. I also didn’t miss coffee either, for which I normally have 10 cups a day. For you ladies, my wife has struggled for years to shed her baby weight. This afternoon she took her jeans off ‘without’ undoing the top button! Wow! She seems to have handled it a lot better than I.
        Hope this helps encourage others to go for it and lets rid the world of these age related deceases.

      • Wow! I’m impressed that you’re seeing the benefits so soon after startng to fast! I agree, let’s try and beat the disease, obesity and increase healthy, confident living 🙂 Keep me posted!

  2. My wife and I also watched the Horizon program. I am 54 and she is 47. We are particularly interested in the health benefits. The two fasting days were quite straight forward, however the whole experience has allowed us to ‘look’ more closely at the way we eat! We have both now stopped putting Flora on our toast, drink tea without milk, use honey if ‘sweetness’ is really required (mostly none at all). I (even!) now enjoy fruit fusion type drinks too!

    The most significant effect I have found is that I appreciate the ‘taste’ of food even more than before.

    I like your blog by the way, very nice and easy to read.

    Cheers 🙂

    • Hi Grahame. Glad you like the blog 🙂 Positive feedback is always great to hear. That’s great that you appreciate the taste of food more – I didn’t realise that was a benefit. Keep me posted on how you’re doing. Heather

      • Hi Heather,

        I’ve been meaning to ‘pop in’ with an update for a while now…………

        We are still on the 5:2 since my previous post. I have lost 14 lbs and my wife has lost 8 lbs.

        We include more cycling each week and are both feeling much fitter and healthier than ever before. The two days each week are a small price to pay and the results are outstanding. Initially we had headaches but discovered that we were suffering caffeine withdrawal (no tea) so now drink about 4 cups of tea each fasting day. Also we drink an awful lot on the two fasting days and now no problem!.

        This 5:2 diet is really a ‘lifestyle’ thing and forms an important part of our lives. I would imagine that once we are at target weight we will still be doing it but in a slightly modified form.

        Lastly I just wish to say that I have never (NEVER) been able to stay on a diet for more than a week or two without getting obsessed with food and simply giving up.

        This is the EASIEST DIET I have ever tried!

        Keep up the good work everyone


  3. I also watched the Michael Mosley programme. Im on my third week of 5:2 diet (Im 53, husband 55). To my surprise my husband has now joined me. He was very impressed with the health benefits as members of his family have alzheimers and diabetes. However I have to admit Im a little confused about the fast day eating plan. I dont have a problem with the number of calories but is it posible to spread them over the day vs eating all calories at one meal. I have to agree with Grahame, food tastes fabulous. We decided to fast Mondays & Tuesdays as we are both in work and its easier if you are busy. By the end of the 2 days we both realise we feel more alert and full of energy. Conversely when we started this monday I was sluggish and exhausted as we had many celebrations last week (Woo hoo Tom brilliant exam results) with lots of alcohol and beautiful food! Today (tuesday day 2 of fast))I feel much better and not that hungry. I had a large crunchy salad for lunch and that stopped the pangs. I would rather not have breakfast and save the calories for lunch and dinner but is that as good as 1 meal only…..
    Thanks to a all bloggers for their input. Love the blog….

    • Hi Lorraine. Thanks for your kind words and great comments 🙂 Well done Tom! You can spread the calories throughout the day or eat them all in one go. It’s up to you. Keep us updated on how you do. Thanks, Heather

  4. hello! im on my first fast day. have been reading your blog and love reading real peoples words and not some computer programme blurb. i have had porridge for breckfast( not sure if i should have eaten this) have a small apple for lunch and am planning ham with a boiled egg for dinner and salad. how does this sound? one day at a time i say and am drinking lots of water. keep up the good work. sarah(from wales:)) xx

    • Hi Sarah

      That sounds pretty good to me, the main thing is that you only eat 25% of your required calories on a fasting day.

      Today is a fasting day for me and I have eaten

      Special K for breakfast 173 calories
      Ham sandwich for lunch 214 calories
      Tuna with salard for dinner 175 calories

      giving me 38 left. I think a nice mug of tea with skimed milk for 25 calories would go down a treat right now.

      I’ve been doing the 5:2 diet for 4 weeks now and have to say today has been one of the least hard days so far, I feel pretty good also.

  5. Hello. Very interested ……..been on 5:2 for six weeks and generally feel much better for it. I am approaching 60 ,with bad knees and a bit podgy . Down to a very manageable 12 stone and everything is working better for the loss of 8lbs. However……. Can get a bit moody/grumpy in the evening of fast-day much to my young family’s displeasure. What interested me most about this route is the theory that fasting helps your body repair its self. Another good thing is that it forces me to avoid the bottle twice a week . Any ideas with regard to my grumpiness.?
    Keep this blog going…….

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