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We Eat Things Blog Of The Month: February 2013


cauliflower gratin

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This month’s Blog Of The Month goes to Food to Glow, written by Kellie – a Floridian living in Edinburgh.

“Who am I ? (semi-short version): I’m Kellie, a food-obsessed Floridian living in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland for more years than I care to admit. I am blessed with a gorgeous family who willingly eat almost everything that I make, although they aren’t too keen on starving as I faff with my camera and moan about the lighting (our northerly latitude is a new pet hate). Growing up I loved eating Cuban and Florida-style foods – plenty of grouper sandwiches, hushpuppies and my mother’s piccadillo.”

Kellie posts amazing recipes, gorgeous photos and all alongside witty, intelligent writing.

I particularly like the look of her Cauliflower and Green Olive Tapenade Gratin. Mmmm!



We Eat Things Blog of the Month: January 2013


Blog of the month is back! And this month I’ve gone for what I always love: simplicity, good photography and great recipes.

The winner this month is a blog called Simple Food, written by Margaret who lives with her family in Brisbane, Australia.

Margaret says, “Ever since I was a young girl I have loved cooking and making up recipes. I started cooking in the 1970s, when complexity was king – think prawn cocktails, chocolate orange mousse cups, beef Wellington etc. etc. As an adult I have traversed pretty much all the cooking trends – nouvelle cuisine, Asian fusion, weird things on pizza, and more –  but all the while, what I cooked day to day at home was a much pared back, simpler style that better suited me and my family – food that concentrated on flavour, local ingredients in season, and was easy to prepare and cook. This is the type of food that is most like me, and what I want to share.”

One of my favourite posts on the site is this Zucchini and Mint Salad which looks utterly delicious, healthy and so SIMPLE!

Go take a look at her other stuff – it’s worth a look!

We Eat Things Blog Of The Month: August 2012


I am pleased to announce that the winner of Blog Of The Month for August 2012 is Big Girls Small Kitchen.

The recipes and photography on the blog are all to die for and I love the way it’s written. The site is really pretty and layed out wonderfully.

One of my favourite pages on the site is the recipe index, allowing users to easily navigate their way to whatever recipe they fancy. This recipe for curried sweet potato quesadillas looks amazing!

Tune in next month to find out who has won the We Eat Things Blog Of The Month in September.

We Eat Things Blog Of The Month: June 2012


I’m delighted to announce that the winner of Blog Of The Month for June 2012 is The Tasty Thumb

The recipes, tone and photography on the site are all fun, exciting and simple (in a good way). I’d really recommend checking it out.

One of my favourite recipes on the site is these Personal Potato Quiches which look utterly scrumptious!

Tune in next month to find out who has won the We Eat Things Blog Of The Month in July.

We Eat Things Blog of The Month: May 2012


Last month, the winner of this feature was Tales From Kitchen And Cellar – a blog that I still love to read and one that offers lovely photos and fabulous written content.

Today I have just discovered a really lovely blog that I felt compelled to congratulate as the We Eat Things Blog of The Month. It’s Rachel Jane’s Two Loves blog, which combines the author’s obvious love and passion for both food and (stunning) photography.

I really like this photograph of snow peas and the description Rachel gives of the negative space drawing attention to the succulent appearance. Beautiful!

Tune in at the end of next month to find out who has been awarded Blog of The Month in June.

We Eat Things Blog Of The Month: April 2012


Although I love writing for We Eat Things, I also adore looking around at other food blogs for inspiration. My favourite blog this month is most definitely Tales From Kitchen And Cellar.

I love Abbie Bennington’s photos, blog layout and interesting content. Although, a blog that looks this good could write anything and I’d be happy!

The blog has a great mix of different recipes – from my personal favourite, Milk & Cookies to a delicious-looking Prosciutto and Spinach Salad.

Tune in at the end of May to see who next month’s winner is.

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