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Hello Fresh: Tasty Ingredients Delivered To Your Door!


So last week I tried out Hello Fresh for the first time. The results and whole experience was utterly amazing and delightful!

Hello Fresh is perfect for people who have run out of recipe ideas, have no time to go shopping or just fancy a simple cooking experience with delicious results. Every week the Hello Fresh chefs and nutritionists come up with new exciting dishes. They then go shopping for all of the relevant ingredients for the recipe and deliver them straight to your door!

The recipes they send only take 30 minutes or less and are all really easy. You can subscribe to receive a package of ingredients and recipe card/s each week or just order a one-off, with no minimum subscription duration. The recipe cards that come with the ingredients are great step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your meal/s.

I received three meals for two people:
– Aubergine ‘Al Funghetto’ with Butterflied Chicken
– Spiced Pork Skewers with Caremelised Onion Rice
– Tangy Toasted Thai Rice with Fresh Prawns and Cucumber Salad

I found the recipes easy to follow, the ingredients were amazingly fresh and it all tasted great!

I would definitely recommend giving it a try – if you don’t like it then you don’t have to commit to any further meals. It was so fun and tasty, though, that I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love it!


Bodega Olives: Delicious Treat That Brings Summer Back (Until Your Next Fix)



Tried these amazing lemony Bodega olives today. Succulent, summery and mellow. Perfect with a gin and tonic on the rocks or just as a simple, tasty starter. Only around 235 calories for a whole pack! These are great for ‘olive virgins’ who aren’t used to the more bitter taste of less mellow versions. These olives haven’t been around long, but they’re totally worth trying and can be found exclusively at Sainsbury’s (UK supermarket).

Here’s another post I wrote a while ago about Spicy Bodega olives.

Do you know what the difference is, between green and black olives? Here’s an idiots guide!


What’s the Healthiest Fast Food?


English: French fries from Burger King.

Everyone I know loves fast food now and then. Whether it’s a McMuffin once a week or the occasional druken KFC bucket – sometimes it’s just to easy and tempting to give in and pig out on calorific crap.

For those of us who are sometimes too weak to resist, here are the least calorific options in McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC. I haven’t included salads, fruit or desserts because, let’s face it, if I tell you an apple is healthier than a burger then I may as well not write this post at all!

Beef: A hamburger, which is 250 calories.
Chicken: 6 chicken nuggets is the healthiest chicken option at only 250 calories.
Breakfast: Oats at 195 calories, a toasted bagel at 210 calories or a low fat blueberry muffin at 300 calories.

Burger King

Beef: The hamburger at 284 calories.
Chicken: Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap at 296 calories.
Breakfast: Their Bacon Butty with Heinz ketchup is Burger King’s healthiest breakfast at 213 calories.


KFC Snacker, Honey BBQ is 210 calories and their grilled drumstick value box is only 380 calories.

Make Your Own: Baked Vegetable Crisps


Today I discovered these delicious baked root vegetable crisps at M&S. Here’s how to make your own:

– Take your favourite selection of root vegetables (I used parsnips, carrots and beetroot).
– Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees centigrade.
– Slice the vegetables into thin slices (as thin as possible).
– Brush the slices of veg with sunflower oil and lay out on baking sheets.
– Bake in the oven for 15 minutes – turning halfway through. 
– Remove from oven and put onto a cooling rack.  The crisps will then crisp up as they cool.
– Sprinkle with salt and eat!

Review: The Rectory, St. Paul’s Square, Birmingham


Yesterday I ate this lovely food at The Rectory in St. Paul’s Square. The atmosphere was lovely and the restaurant was flooded with natural light from the summer day outside. I chose the Homemade Battered Fresh Calamari to start. It was delicious but needed a tad more seasoning to be perfect. It came with a light dusting of paprika, a wedge of fresh lemon and lemon mayonnaise.

Someone else had the Baked brie boxes, which looked delicious:

For the main course, I chose Roasted Belly of Pork which was really amazing and came with some scrumptious black-pudding mash and savoy cabbage. Dessert was White Chocolate and Raspberry Brûlée Cheesecake – also really lovely.

Overall it was a fantastic meal and I would definitely go there again.

Summer Vegetable Quiche


I tried this Summer Vegetable Quiche from Sainsbury’s last night – it was delicious! It had green beans, petits pois, spring onions and broccoli encased in a scrumptious pastry base. It was only £2.25 and 203 calories for 1/4 of the quiche. Great with salad, chips or steamed vegetables.