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Food Fashions: From Cupcakes to Macarons



My friend baked some of these delicious Pistachio Macarons recently and it got me thinking about food fashions. A few years ago everyone was all over cupcakes like a rash. Some people are still having cupcake pyramids (and such) at their weddings. I prefer the idea of a ‘cheese cake’ (wedding cake made from a selection of cheeses but made to look like ‘normal cake’) – yum. For the past year, or maybe slightly more, everyone is obsessing over Macarons. Also, who do you know that hasn’t been for afternoon tea? You can get afternoon tea for £10 each on the high street now. How has this happened?

Apparently, cupcakes became fashionable after they appeared on an episode of Sex and the City. Macarons then featured on Gossip Girl.

Does everyone else think drinking coffee has an air of charm just because of Friends? Or was it just as trendy before the popular American show?

It just makes you wonder what’s next. Will it be Spam sandwiches or carrot juice? If you want to be ahead of the game, I suggest you keep well up to date with all popular American TV shows with a primarily female audience. Vampire Diaries here I come…sigh.

Diamond Jubilee Scones


Scones with clotted cream and jam are a great part of English heritage. To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, I made some delicious scones – served with cream, strawberry jam and fresh strawberries. Absolutely delicious!

I used this great recipe over at Delicious Magazine, which is only 161 calories per serving! Perfect!

Review: The Rectory, St. Paul’s Square, Birmingham


Yesterday I ate this lovely food at The Rectory in St. Paul’s Square. The atmosphere was lovely and the restaurant was flooded with natural light from the summer day outside. I chose the Homemade Battered Fresh Calamari to start. It was delicious but needed a tad more seasoning to be perfect. It came with a light dusting of paprika, a wedge of fresh lemon and lemon mayonnaise.

Someone else had the Baked brie boxes, which looked delicious:

For the main course, I chose Roasted Belly of Pork which was really amazing and came with some scrumptious black-pudding mash and savoy cabbage. Dessert was White Chocolate and Raspberry Brûlée Cheesecake – also really lovely.

Overall it was a fantastic meal and I would definitely go there again.

New York Vanilla Cheesecake


On Friday evening We Eat Things tested out an M&S Dine For Two £10 meal, which you can read about here. For dessert, we chose the New York Vanilla Cheesecake and it was truly delicious. It contains no artificial colours or flavourings. The creamy cheesecake was amazing and the base was perfectly crunchy. I’d really recommend trying it. It either comes in packs of two slices, or you can get a whole cheesecake to serve 6 people. Amazing!

Handmade Chouchoute Chocolates


Here’s a great gift I received a couple of weeks ago from a friend. She purchased the chocolates at Chouchoute Chocolate in Birmingham. Unfortunately I didn’t take note of each description – so I can’t tell you what each chocolate was! They were absolutely beautiful and tasted delicious.