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So, how are you all getting on?



It’s been a while since I have wanted to write about the 5:2 Diet. I never intended this site to be diet-based, but it’s still drawing in hundreds of visitors every day. I have to accept what my audience wants!

I just wondered how everyone is getting on with the 5:2 diet? How long have you been on the diet and how successful has it been for you? Did Christmas hinder your efforts?

Also, I am once again recruiting a guest blogger to share their personal dieting story (5:2 only, please). This time I will focus on just one dieter to keep it simple.

Email me at with a paragraph about why you’d like to write for this blog for the foreseeable future and I will choose an appropriate volunteer  by Friday 25th January.

I require a writer for one or two posts per week and preferably someone with good grammar so I don’t have to do too much editing.

I look forward to your submissions!

Thanks for reading,

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The 5:2 Diet: Mickey’s Journey – The Final Post


Well it has been an interesting 6 or 7 weeks and I have learnt much about myself. I know that I cannot fast when I am at home on holiday!  The temptation is just too much.  I also learnt that I should never go downstairs during the night on a fast day.  I just end up munching on something from the fridge or cupboard, deluding myself with the view that it is between the fasts!!!! 

Those were the negatives.  The positives were that in reality with a little will power and spending the day at work (or occupied fully) sticking to the 500 is relatively easy and the hunger is not overpowering.

What I will take from this experience is a permanent method of how to live my life and win the battle of the calories.  I see the 5:2 plan as a way of life that can be worked in with my current Weight Watchers regime and when I move onto maintenance which I hope to achieve sometime next year then this will also dovetail in with the 5:2 plan nicely. 

I think that the trial ran for me at a particularly difficult time work-wise and home life-wise, as I was extremely busy at work and had to do several visits to our other offices, some involving hotel stays and the end then coincided with my main holiday.  Having said that I managed through that time to lose half a stone, but whilst on 3 weeks holiday and a busy weekend away for work only put back on 3 ½ lbs even though I did no exercise and relaxed my eating habits dramatically.  Had I not attempted to keep to the fast days as I did I think that I would have been looking at the best part of a stone put on!  Indeed last Christmas I only missed 1 Weight Watchers weigh-in over Christmas so only let myself go for a week and I put on 3 lb.  This time round I missed 5 weigh-ins, so 3 ½ lb for that length of time is amazing really.

What I need to do to carry on is to become much more focussed on my twin goals, which are to shift the final 2 ½ stone and dramatically improve my health.  I need to increase my will power and really stick rigidly to the 500 cal limits on fast days.  One thing that is going to help is that my husband has decided to join me in fasting on a Monday and after the New Year is going to extend it to two days.  This will help me to be much stricter with myself as I will not just be letting myself down. 

Good luck to everyone who tries this regime, don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up sometimes, because to be honest even if you only achieve 700 or 800 calories on day you are still doing some good and building good habits takes time and patience.  One colleague limits what he eats at work to the bare minimum (less than 100 calories) and then allows himself to pretty much eat normally at home in the evening.  Whilst this may not follow the plan rigidly and may not achieve the reduction of the damaging growth hormone, it will contribute to lowering his overall calorie intake for the week. 

Thank you to everyone who has read my posts.  I enjoyed writing them and sharing them with you.

Mickey – Guest Blogger

The 5:2 Diet: Mickey’s Journey (Week 5, Part II)


Saturday 8th September
On my way to Exeter this morning.  I set off at 08:40 without breakfast or coffee – big mistake.  I am soon munching on the cold pizza I have packed for lunch, shortly followed by a bag of Galaxy Caramels (a big bag) and just to make sure a Wispa bar (which I managed to drop all down the front of my shirt – an attractive look!!!)

I am really busy so manage to avoid lunch and I work through to 6pm getting back to the hotel about 6:30.  I even go for a 20 minute run before I have dinner.  Dinner consists of a nice healthy prawn and crayfish starter with very little mayonnaise and cucumber, Steak with salad and chunky chips and a pudding that has melted by the time I eat it and should be chocolate mousse with popcorn ice cream but is more like chocolate mousse with milkshake!!  The steak is too much so I leave half and the mousse to rich so again I leave half and very virtuously put it all outside the door to remove temptation.  So I manage to be reasonably within my daily and weekly points system so far.

Sunday 9th September
I get up with a spring and I am down in the swimming pool by 08:20 and manage 25 minutes of lengths, getting in about 20 lengths.  It is a 25 meter pool.  I then go back upstairs for a leisurely shower and down to breakfast, where I eat virtuously once again – poached egg on toast, yogurt, fruit salad and some fruit juice.  I take an apple for later.

I am again really busy all day, so just the apple for lunch and coffee during the day.  I finish work at 6:30 and trot off back to the hotel. No run tonight as I am too tired.  I order from room service again, this time not so good.  The starter is something called Seared Charcuterie, which turns out to be some sort of home made spice sausage one of which is palatable and one of which I could place on the sole of my shoe and walk on for a week and not notice any wear!  I opt for steak again as I don’t fancy anything else on the menu and the cheese plate for dessert.  Again I leave half the steak, but do eat all of the cheese plate. 

Monday 10th September
This is going to be truly difficult.  I have a fruit juice, coffee and poached egg on toast for breakfast with an apple for later again.  During the day it is fine again as I am very busy, but a bust up with a awkward member of staff makes me stressed so sends me back to the hotel in a bad frame of mind.  I have not eaten too badly so far and feel I have about 350 calories left.  I order Leek and potato soup, French fries, a crayfish wrap and the cheese plate.  I leave half the French fries and half the soup but do eat all the wrap and most of the cheese plate.  I must have eaten about 750 calories today.  Not good.

Tuesday 11Th September
I am driving home today at lunch time, so I have to have something reasonable at breakfast so opt for beans on toast with some mushrooms with coffee and water and 2 mini Danish pastries.  The fact that I am working all morning and driving for the rest of the day means I will have no problems with food till I get home.  Once home I am like a caged tiger, prowling backwards and forwards to the fridge and looking to see what I can eat.  I managed to avoid food till about 7:30 and have a frozen chilli beef dish – a weight watchers recipe that I made some months ago with 60 grams of pasta.  I then spoil it all by eating half a pack of minstrel in bed that night.  I must have had nearly 1000 calories today. 

This is the end of the five weeks and I should have gone to Weight watchers tonight.  I did not because when I weighed myself I was 13 stone 8lbs, the same as last week.  I was upset about that, but really I should have been less hard on myself.  I had just had a difficult weekend in a situation where it is really difficult to control what I eat and I had not put any weight on, so that has to be a plus point.  I am going to continue with the 5:2 diet as I like the fact that if I stick to the 500 on both days I have more leeway on the other 5.  It will be a challenge for the next 3 weeks as I am on leave, but this is for life, so I have to deal with it. 

I am also considering trying alternate day fasting later on in the next few months, but I really need to have a good strategy for attempting that, primarily a good food plan for those fasting days. 

Good luck to all those out there who try it and as over the 5 weeks I managed to boost my weight loss again and did take off nearly half a stone despite many eating mishaps both on and off the fast days I would highly recommend this eating lifestyle – because that is what it is, not a diet but an eating lifestyle.

Mickey – Guest Blogger

The 5:2 Diet: Mickey’s Journey (Week 5, Part I)


Week 5 part 1
This week is going to be difficult as I am in a hotel on my own for Saturday; Sunday and Monday working in another office. I am going to have to save all my weekly points for the weekend so I can get through. The fast day on Monday will be especially difficult. Fasting in a 5 star hotel!!!

Wednesday 5th September
I am already starting the day with cake on my table. Two birthdays were celebrated on Monday and as I could not eat cake then, pieces were put aside for me!! This is not a good start when I know I am trying to preserve my weekly points till the weekend. However I have tried to be good and spread it over the next two days by putting each piece in a separate plastic tub and putting them in the fridge so I only eat one piece a day. Today I have only had one small half slice of Sticky Toffee Cake (M & S) and very good it was too. I made a Scotch Broth casserole (with leftover roast lamb), which was very healthy as it will make at least 4 portions and is loaded with vegetables. My husband can have most of the lamb. It was gorgeous, very tasty and filling. However pudding turned out to be a shared bag of Minstrels!! Still only had to use 5 of my weekly points so will have to be strong on Thursday and Friday now.

Thursday 6th September
Breakfast and Lunch were both nice and healthy: Fruit and yogurt and coffee and for lunch ham, cucumber, feta and tomatoes. Then I went and blew it by eating a half slice of walnut coffee cake, a half slice of Belgian chocolate tart and two weight watchers mini chocolate rolls. So much for eating just a piece of cake each day. Nevermind it is all gone now, so cannot eat it tomorrow so will be very good tomorrow. I have the will power of a rampaging wildebeest. I am doing several sessions at the gym tonight, bodypump, spin and bodyattack in the hope of making up for my gorging on cake. I have finally given up Zumba as I now find it too boring and prefer more high intensity exercise. I suppose this is an indication that my fitness is improving. Thankfully dinner is last nights leftovers so it will be quick and easy to do when I finally stagger in at 9 pm tonight!

Friday 7Th September
Very busy at work today as I am taking 14 PCs to our Exeter Office and have not quite finished the installs. This helps as it stops me having lunch and takes my mind off food. Consequently by the time I get home I have not had much to eat at all so opt for Pizza from Pappa John’s. It is lush and there is even some left for cold munchies on Saturday morning on the way to Exeter.

Mickey – Guest blogger

The 5:2 Diet: Mickey’s Journey (Week Four, Part II)


Missed the gym this morning, but did do an afternoon body pump session.  The resistance work is supposed to be the best way to lose fat.  I have never enjoyed pump before, but had an epiphany 2 weeks ago and since my charming husband told me that I could not wear a sleeveless dress because of the wobbly bits under my arms I have desperately been trying to tone them up.  Yes he is still breathing, but only till I think up a suitable punishment. 

I slow roasted a leg of lamb, which was lush, but as I have 2 fast days next I have had to freeze the meat left over so that I can make a scotch broth on Wednesday.   I roasted the potatoes in with the lamb and they were to die for.

Monday 3rd September
All started well today.  I managed to get through to 2pm with only 81 calories eaten.  I then blew 95 on a Cadburys Fredo the frog, small but costly!  I had the rest of last weeks veggie chilli (it did seem a bit short on chunks of veg) and rice.  I then ended up having half a Magnum.  So 150 calories on top of the 450 I had eaten for the day.  I supposed 600 is not too bad, but still a slip up.  I went to the gym again for another body pump session to distract me from eating.  It worked quite well  as by the time I got in it was time for bed and was easy to bypass the kitchen.  My food record is the same as my school report – must do better!!!

Tuesday 4th September
I have found it really easy to stick to my 500 today.  I had coffee for breakfast, bovril for lunch and a small banana mid afternoon. This left me with 400 calories for the evening.  So I had veggie curry and rice with a very small lamb chop.  I am looking forward to eating tomorrow.

Weigh in night tonight and disaster I put on 1 lb!!  Where did I go wrong?  Reviewing the weekend, I must have over eaten, but I did track everything I ate.  Perhaps my slip ups last week on fast days meant that I ate far more than 500 calories.  Or did I perhaps do too many body pump classes and have I put on some muscle.  I really was not expecting to put on, but will have to put it behind me and keep going. 

I suppose I have to be realistic and realise that my body is still going to have all its normal ups and downs, despite this different diet and sometimes you do just put on weight one week.  I probably lost more than I should have done the previous week and this is just my body adjusting itself.  The real problem is that the weight goes on so quickly and without you knowing, so you find yourself be labelled obese before you know it, but the losing takes far, far longer than it took to put it on.  If it did come off as quickly as I wanted it, I would be left with yards of hanging skin that had not had time to adjust back.  Patience is a necessity when you are trying to lose weight (and a dash of iron will power).  It is really hard to believe that I am now heading into week 5 of this new style of eating!!!

Mickey – Guest Blogger

The 5:2 Diet: Mickey’s Journey (Week 4 Part I)


I am sat looking at the beginning of week 4 and feeling really positive.  I seem to be over my horrible plateau and have now lost nearly twice as much weight in 4 weeks as I had lost in 4 months.  I am heading towards a total weight loss of 4 ½ stone and know that the goal for me is now only 2 ½ stone away.  Obviously this will be the hardest part to lose, but in relation to what I have lost it does not seem impossible anymore. 

When I first started in August 2011 at nearly 18 stone, losing 7 stone seemed impossible, climbing Everest seemed more likely than me actually losing the weight, but now a year later and nearly ¾ of my target achieved it is such a confidence boost, which should give me the edge to complete the final run in.  I have a smaller target of trying to lose a further 7 lb within the next 4 weeks so that I can get to 13 stone by the end of September and then I will just have to knuckle down to the losing the rest, hopefully by Christmas.

Wednesday 28th August
Back on the eating phase of the week and it is good to have food again.  It is true that the fasting does make you appreciate your food and enjoy it when you can have it.  I seem to enjoy the tastes much more.  It was also good to know that I could have some treats tonight and not feel guilty.  I did a rough calculation of my eating over the week including the two 500 calorie days and found that even when I was going over my daily points and eating my weekly points and my exercise points and found that my average for each day was knocked down to about 1300 points per day even though on some days I ate far more than that.  On some days I was eating 1920 calories, but the two 500 days really bring the average down.  It makes weight loss so much easier.  I did notice that today – as the first day after the fast I did feel the need to eat more (not excessively), but more and more bad things. 

Thursday 29th August
I managed to eat a whole pack of Marks and Spencer’s Jubilee Macaroons today.  These came in at 9 points for all six diddy little cakes, but they were quite lovely so I don’t care.  This is the danger of going to the shop to buy healthy food and then being distracted by the cakes aisle.  However I was very good and only bought the extra lean ham and feta cheese and their Count on us crisps.  A little bit of sinning does you good.  I did go to the gym and did Zumba and Bodypump.  I think the Bodypump is really good, because it is weight (resistance) training set to music and I think that this is the key to reshaping my body as it seems to concentrate on all the key areas – flabby thighs and bingo wings!  

Friday 30th August
I am very happy today, as I needed to buy a dress for the end of September for a dinner dance and found the perfect dress in a local department store.  Not only was it gorgeous and surprisingly cheap at £50, it was a size 14!!! This time last year I was wearing size 24 and now I am in size 14s.  It is brilliant and what’s more my husband loved it and did not moan about the cost.  This makes the deprivation for two days a week more than worth it.  On the food front, I did managed to eat extremely well today and managed to fit in a Magnum Infinity and some ice cream and still keep within the limits.  Also tried Sainsbury’s basic fish fingers and their fish cakes and they were very nice (and very cheap).  I can highly recommend them.

Saturday 1st September
Got up early today so that I could get my chores done and be out the door to the Gym by 09:45 for Bodypump.  This was my second session of the week and it really does seem to be helping.  I had a very light breakfast of Yogurt coffee and fruit and when I came in after exercise did not really feel hungry till late afternoon when I had some crisps and dips.

We had a barbecue even though it was dull weather – trying to keep the summer feeling going and although I ate more I did not overdo it and steered clear of the burgers.  Had plenty of salad and some new potatoes.  I even allowed myself some sparkling wine (only two glasses as I did not want to get squiffy). 

I weighed myself this morning and was surprised to find myself a little bit up at 13 stone 9 ¾ lbs, but when I weighed myself after the gym it had dropped back to 13 stone 7 ¼ lb, so not so bad. 

Mickey – Guest Blogger

The 5:2 Diet: Mickey’s Journey (Week Three Part II)

Individual egg custard tart from Nash's Bakery...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saturday  25th August
Didn’t go to the gym this morning, but did do loads of house work which kept my mind off food.  Did not eat till late afternoon and considered having a fast day today. But gave in during the evening and ended up eating Morrison’s Southern fried chicken steaks and Morrison’s special fried chicken rice.  Very high on calories, but tasty and quick. 

Sunday 26th August
I had a rowing club taster session today.  It was fun. I am going to sign up for the rowing course in September.  It must be good exercise.  Family barbecue tonight at my house, so lots of food to prepare and lots of temptations!  I have made some Sangria with sugar free orangeade.

The BBQ went well despite the cold weather and the food was yummy.  Very difficult not to over indulge, so I did not have burgers, but did eat the belly pork rashers, (fat and all). What with millionaires cheesecake and trifle to follow I well exceeded my daily points allowance and used up 20 of my weekly points.  Oh well fast day tomorrow!

Monday 27th August
At home today so fasting will be difficult.  Started with coffee and yogurt.  I am going to eat very sparingly till evening.  I am drinking oxo to curb hunger pangs and have prepared a vegetable chilli for dinner tonight that will have less than 100 calories per portion.    It is no so difficult to ignore the need for food, until I go near the fridge.  Then I just want to stick my head in the fridge and just eat indiscriminately whether it is cooked or not.  Oh well I will sit on the bed and watch Sense and Sensibility.  Managed to keep to just over 520 calories today, so not too bad at all.

Tuesday 28th August
At Home again today and this time it really was a problem.  We visited a friend who had laid on cakes and did not understand the idea of fasting at all!  I went for an egg custard tart that seemed the least offensive at 244 calories and filled up with lots of coffee.  Lunch was an oxo cube again and vegetable chilli for dinner.  Unfortunately I broke all the rules that night and shared a pack of minstrels with my husband (and not a small pack either).  Having said that at weigh in I did lose 2 ½ lbs, so despite the blips it is still working.  I am now down to 13 stone 7lb and for the first time in 20 years I weigh less than my husband.  I have also now lost continuously for the last 4 weeks and have lost 1lb short of half a stone.  It has given me a real boost.  I am firmly committed to the 2 day fasting. 

I think from my point of view I really would recommend this as an ideal way to lose weight and to try to control what you eat.  I find that I don’t over eat on my feeding days, it probably helps that I am following Weight Watchers, so I am still writing down what I eat and I keep within my points allowance for the 5 feeding days. 

The irritation or pain of fasting for two days is a small price to pay to be able to have more freedom on the other 5 days and to be losing weight again.  If you plan properly and have support from your loved ones then it really is not a major problem.  The only obstacle is your self discipline (something that I know I need to improve on during fast days).  The only caveat I would again state is that you must always check any diet change with a qualified medical practitioner, so that you can be sure that you are not doing any damage to your health.

Mickey – Guest Blogger