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Becks Blue – The Best Alcohol Free Beer Yet?


For the past ten days I have chosen not to drink alcohol for a few reasons:

• My body needed a break. After a recent trip to Devon, where I drank wine and cider every night, I decided enough was enough.
• I had to take antibiotics for seven days, so was instructed to avoid alcohol.
• It’s an expensive habit and isn’t particularly healthy.
• I was interested to find out the effects of no alcohol on my body.

Whilst on this alcohol-free binge, I came across Becks Blue. It tastes like ‘real’ alcoholic beer to me, except it doesn’t induce a hangover. One other benefit I loved was not feeling like I was ‘missing out’ when surrounded by others who were drinking alcohol. It also meant that I could: have a few beers and drive home, complete simple tasks without feeling woozy, and boast to others about my clean slate!

Most large supermarkets and some bars now sell it – at Sainsbury’s supermarket in the UK it’s about £2.99 for six bottles – bargain! Although it’s 0% alcohol, you’ll still have to provide ID to buy it if you look underage – which is understandable if you imagine what would happen if groups of children started running round drinking ‘beer’ because they ‘like the taste’. Or packing it into their lunchboxes for school, as a refreshing afternoon beverage.

Anyway, for three quid, I’d recommend it. It hasn’t converted me to being a teetotal and I experienced no obvious and immediate health benefits, but if I’m ever in a situation where I don’t want a hangover or need to drive, Becks Blue will be a welcome alternative. Thanks Becks!