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The 5:2 Diet: Pete’s Journey – The Final Chapter


I no longer think of myself on a diet.  I’m still doing 5:2, trying to be flexible on which days I do my fasting, but it’s not a diet.  I think I’ve actually changed the way I think about food and the way I eat.  Now I just happen to like to have two days a week when I take it easy and make do with 600 cals.  That’s it really; it doesn’t seem a big deal now, just a minor part of my lifestyle.

I hardly even notice the hunger anymore.  I’ve come to enjoy the feeling of having a completely empty stomach.  After a few hours of not eating I feel a huge rush of air gurgling up from my insides and echoing through my tummy in a muffled roar.  I like that – it’s a lot more pleasant feeling than it sounds!

My weight loss has slowed, but not stopped.  I’m pretty much holding steady with a good, healthy BMI of 24.5.  Officially, I’m no longer overweight, and I do feel better.  No more indigestion, no more squeezing into too tight jeans and no more trying to suck my gut in.

I think 5:2 has been a big success for me, all the more so because I don’t feel I’m really trying.  I’m certainly not restricting what I eat on feed days, so there’s never a point where I can crumble as so often happens in traditional diets.  All I need to do is just slow down a bit two times a week.

It’s a piece of cake!

Pete – Guest Blogger
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The 5:2 Diet: Juliet’s Journey – Long May It Continue

hubby's lunch - 26 Aug 2008

(Photo credit: pillowhead designs)

Fasting this week has been relatively pain free. There are, however, a few issues that have been cropping up that I don’t think I have mentioned yet. These are mainly the negative and positive effects of fasting.

I don’t know about anyone else but Hubby and I have been quite gassy, burping more than usual on fast days. I have also had quite bad indigestion, especially when I have eaten fish. The lack of food also slows down your transit time (you know what I’m talking about and it doesn’t involve long distance lorries!) Seriously though if you don’t know look it up. The Food Hospital on Channel 4 this week covered it.

We also have both suffered from lethargy which doesn’t clear until after lunch following the fast day. Hubby was having a day off from his regular more sedentary job this week and I got him digging the allotment. Before you feel sorry for him I would like to point out that he loves it! Anyway it was a Wednesday morning, the day after a fast day, and he struggled to achieve a third of the work he’d done at the weekend.

We both feel a bit dopey and spaced out by the end of a fast day and definitely not as mentally sharp as on a normal day.  As time passes and the lack of, or reduction in, food continues my concentration levels fall and Hubby and I both become tetchy. Not a good time to pick an argument! Of course all of this is understandable but I wonder if I was doing a mentally taxing job whether I would want to fast on a work day.

The health benefits and weight loss (7lbs for me, 14lbs for Hubby) are of course the reason that we are continuing and remaining positive about the 5:2 diet. There are other positives such as the increased awareness about what and when you eat. Food tastes amazing on fast days and I seem to appreciate what I eat on feed days far more. I used to shovel the food in sometimes without even registering the taste, texture or amount of it. That certainly doesn’t happen these days.

Overall I am feeling healthier and fitter than I have for a long time. Long may it continue.

Juliet – Guest Blogger

The 5:2 Diet: Ashleigh’s Journey – Back Again!

Tortilla chips

Tortilla chips (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow, I really have been quiet for quite a while now. But, it is with good reason.

Last time is wrote I stated that from now on I would be doing two consecutive fast days as they were what worked best for me. However, since then a lot has changed and I am embarrassed and saddened to say that for the past 10 days I have done no fast days what so ever, yes, none! However, I have not given up, but sometimes, it is just the case that there are other things in life that need focusing on.

Basically, after my last article I officially started my new job, and was thrown into the deep end, being left in charge and working 60 hours within 5 days. I tried to fast during this time, but I just found it physically and mentally impossible. During a 12 hour shift spent serving wonderful food to literally hundreds of customers, I just couldn’t not eat. On one occasion I thought I was going to manage the fast, I had made it past 5 o’clock with only having had poached egg on toast. However, I still had another 7 hours of work left, and by 8pm, I just couldn’t hack it any longer. The hunger was making me unable to focus, and I need focus in my job. So, I had to eat. And I made the decision, that whilst working 12 hour shifts I should never fast. Despite this, I was not disheartened, I planned my next two shifts for my days off, the Sunday and Monday.

But, Sunday was my cousins birthday, and a food feast was in order for the whole family, including me. I felt it would be rude and inconsiderate to eat nothing, when so much work had been put in to preparing such wonderful food for everyone. So I ate.

Then come Monday, I was determined to succeed. And, for the whole day I did, however, by the evening, I had my friends over, watching movies and chatting, and the tortilla chips and dip came out, and I just couldn’t resist.

And then, back to work on the Tuesday, working more 12 hour shifts, and with Freshers Week at the same time, fast days were just an impossibility. Therefore, it is safe to say that the past 10 days have been a failure for me and the 5:2 diet.

But, today is the start of the new uni term and an end to 60 hours of waitressing a week. Phew! I’m not saying that I don’t work hard at uni or anything, but, reading a book requires significantly less calories than waitressing. Therefore, today is the re-start of my journey on the 5:2 diet. I haven’t weighed myself in a few weeks, so I have no idea what this starting point is (i do not own a set of scales, and as a student, grudge paying at the gym to use any – therefore, my trip to the family home on Thursday will be my first weigh in for weeks). However, I can confirm that today and Tuesday will be my fast days this week, and this time round, I am really going for it. I will have my gym sessions, and I will eat well on ‘feed’ days. I am more determined than ever.

However, on an unfortunate note, I do now realise that it will be impossible for me to meet my original goal on time. If everything had gone to plan, by this time next week I would have been weighing in at 11st 4lbs, and considering that on my last article I was 11st 12lbs, I think it is highly unlikely that after 10 days of no 5:2 diet I will have lost any weight. But, on Thursday we will know the truth. So until then, I will work hard with the diet, and we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Ashleigh – Guest Blogger

The 5:2 Diet: Juliet’s Journey – Almost Six Weeks!

A dozen boiled eggs with lion marks visible in...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hubby and I have been on the 5:2 diet now for nearly 6 weeks. We are getting used to the routine of fasting. Sticking to Tuesdays and Thursdays as fast days means I can plan my meals well in advance and I seem able to cope with fasting physically and psychologically quite well now. In fact Tuesday this week was my best fast day yet.

Little and often works for me on fast days so after a small bowl of porridge I had a banana at break time, some salad later in the afternoon and a quorn fillet in tomato sauce for dinner. Hubby had cereal, a small sandwich and a boiled egg and salad. I didn’t seem to get too bad a headache on Tuesday and I was quite encouraged by the fact that at last I seemed to be losing a significant amount of weight (around 7lbs).

The second fast day went ok although I felt very tired. I am pretty sure that any minor ailments that occur on fast days are magnified. I will be interested to see how Hubby and I cope with fasting when the dreaded winter coughs and colds set in. Don’t know what medical advice would be on that, presumably using your common sense you would think that if you were really poorly you would not fast.

Talking of medical matters Hubby had his review at the docs as he has hypertension. The nurse advised him that it would be fine for him to continue on the 5:2 diet but did recommend that on fast days he eat food with as high nutrient content as possible and not just low calorie. In theory you could just eat a few chocolate bars or three packets of crisps to make up your 500/600 calories. Of course it seems obvious that that wouldn’t be good and I’m sure it wouldn’t give you much energy but I think the high nutrient idea is one I will keep firmly in the front of my mind when fasting. 

Juliet – Guest Blogger

The 5:2 Diet: Pete’s Journey – Sweetie Bonanza!


Soft ice cream

My weeks are following a pattern now.  Come the last feed day of the week, I’m raring to go for my fast, and day one of the fast passes without too much trouble.  However, contrary to previous weeks, my second fast day was really hard.  I wasn’t going to cave in and go cupboard raiding, but the thought certainly crossed my mind.  I was so ravenous that the following day, I launched myself at food, so it was not so much a feed day, as a gorge yourself day.

The next four days followed a similar pattern; I consumed cakes, sweets, chocolate and beer like there was no tomorrow.  I did restrain myself at one point, given the stunning weather I fancied an ice cream from an inviting looking Mr Whippy van but decided not to bother, given that I’d already eaten about three packets of crisps and a packet of sweeties that day.

I’ll see how hard my fasting days go next week.  But if I struggle like I have this week, then I’ll try splitting the days instead of hitting them consecutively.

Oh, and by the way, despite my utter gluttony, I still managed to lose one pound this week.

Pete – Guest Blogger

The 5:2 Diet: Ashleigh’s Journey Week Four


So, last week ended up being a bit of an experiment, and an unsuccessful one at that. The plan was to take everybody’s advice and do two non-consecutive fast days. This is meant to be the ‘proper’ way to do the 5:2 diet. It is said to be easier and therefore i thought i would prefer it. So, the week started well, i did my first fast on the Sunday, and as usual, I completed it without any mishaps. However, after only one fast day, I didn’t feel the same level of accomplishment as I do after two consecutive fast days, and therefore I found myself back to my usual habits of eating, eating and eating, throughout Monday and Tuesday.

By Wednesday I was ready for my next fast. I started the day with my classic poached egg on toast, a delightful breakfast at only 225 calories. At midday i had a small apple and a handful of dried berries (only 75 calories in total) just to keep me going. But by tea time I was definitely ready to eat, and a lovely homemade bowl of pea and mint soup was on the menu – my all time favourite! As i was making the soup I was precisely totaling up the calories, and as it is such a simple soup, one quite large bowl only has 120 calories – I was delighted. So I had that, plus a small slice of bread. Bringing me to exactly 500 calories. The day had been quite easy so far, but, that fast day was the first one I had ever had to go to work on, so off I went, I did my 5 hours waitressing, and by the end, as i had predicted, I was starving. Despite this, I declined the chef’s offer of a bowl of tomato and mushroom soup, stating that I was all ‘souped out’! But i wasn’t, I could have scoffed the lot.

And then Thursday morning came, and just like on the Monday, I didn’t feel as though I had just finished a fast day, and so, back to the eating I went. And, come the weekend, this pattern of eating just got worse. I had thought that by doing two non-consecutive fast days, my eating would level out, and I would consume less on the feed days, however, instead, I seemed to feel as though I wasn’t fasting at all.

I didn’t get a chance to weigh myself until the saturday this week, this could be because I wasn’t looking forward to it as I really didn’t feel as though I had lost any weight, in fact, I thought I would have put on. But it does seem that despite my lack of control, I did manage to loss 1 pound – its better than none! But, right there and then, standing on the scales, my decision was made, next week I will go back to my consecutive fast days.

I know that having consecutive fast days is not the way it is meant to be done, but to be honest, I think what is more important is finding a pattern that works best for yourself. Even if that means struggling through two fast days in a row, and eating the same thing on each of those days, at least there is the promise of weight loss at the end of it all.

Ashleigh – Guest Blogger

The 5:2 Diet: Juliet’s Journey (The Going Gets Tough)

English: Beans on toast


Back to a normal fasting pattern this week with mixed results. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days Hubby and I have chosen to fast this week.

I do some voluntary gardening on a Tuesday and I was feeling quite positive at the start of the day, my mind was distracted and my tummy was quite full from the day before. By break time I was starving so I decided to have a banana, I was quite conscious though that those calories would come out of my total later on. I started to struggle when I got home because I would usually have had a decent lunch and even a treat on a Tuesday. Instead I had a roll, a small slice of cheese and some salad. For dinner I had baked trout and salad. Normally after gardening I feel pleasantly tired and pretty hungry, today I felt wrecked and absolutely starving. Once again a headache was hard to shift and made it tough to stay positive.

We decided the following day would be a feed day as it was my birthday and although I had a good day I felt a bit under par. The next day would be a fast day but unfortunately I woke up on the Thursday with a really stiff and painful back. I have been having niggly back problems but this was something else. I felt like I wanted to continue with the fast day as usual but in hindsight I should probably have just given in and eaten normally. Hubby and daughter stepped up to the mark and waited on me hand and foot but I had a pretty miserable day coping with pain as well as hunger.

An issue that has kept cropping up has been what to do with my daughter on fast days. She is 13 and I am naturally conscious of the fact that she needs her full quota of vitamins and nutrients. Left to her own devices she will gladly feed herself all day with cereal, chocolate and preferably chocolate cereal. When not at school she will normally make her own lunch with me prompting her to eat some protein etc, fast days are therefore much the same. It is dinnertime that starts to pose a problem. On feed days I will usually make a meal for all three of us but on fast days Hubby and I have been dropping potatoes or other carbs and having a very scaled down meal for dinner. On these fast days I have had to make her a completely different meal from scratch or have resorted to a cook/chill option, a boiled egg, or beans on toast. So far I don’t think I have succeeded in maintaining her diet to the same level as before we started fasting and I haven’t solved the problem of not wanting to cook someone else a full meal when you are fasting.  A friend suggested cooking and freezing some favourite dinners in advance. This may be the answer as long as that cooking and freezing goes on on a feed day. I don’t think I could stand the temptation!

Juliet – Guest Blogger