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What’s The Difference Between Green and Black Olives?


I LOVE olives, but I’ve never really thought about different varieties, ripeness and colour in any way, apart from knowing that green olives often taste more sharp, and black olives seem to have a ‘deeper’ flavour. So, what is the difference between black and green olives?

  • The colour of an olive depends on how ripe the fruit (yes; an olive is a fruit) is when it’s picked. Green olives are picked before they’re ripe and black olives are picked whilst ripe.
  • Most olives are not edible raw, so both green and black olives need to go through a curing process (such as being pickled or soaked in oil or salt water) before we eat them.
  •  Green olives are typically more dense and bitter than their black cousins; however, the taste is mainly dependant on how the olive was cured.
  •  From my research, there seems to be no nutritional difference between green and black olives.

What’s your favourite type of olive? Green? Black? Stuffed…?